How To Have Sex With Your Doll

Having sex with a sex doll is an amazing experience and there’s very little difference with a woman. In fact, some people prefer sex dolls over women- no nagging, no judging, just fun! Why not? The versatility and realism of sex dolls makes them very popular among singles and couples, looking to induce fun in their sex life. So, here’s how to use one;

1. Kissing and Touching

Both silicone and TPE-made sex dolls feel exemplary smooth and soft to touch. From the glossy lips to the squeezable, soft boobs, it only gets better. Most sex dolls have a tongue, teeth, and a deep throat too.

Open her mouth and kiss her passionately. Don’t stop there either, stretch your arms to caress her perky boobs and fat ass. The entire body feels great and you’ll certainly enjoy fondling her.

2. Vaginal Sex

And to the highlight of the entire experience; vaginal sex feels heavenly! The sex doll’s engineers directed much of the attention to the vagina to ensure it feels just as pristine as that of a woman. The vagina is anatomically precise in a way that you can penetrate it while blindfolded.

Enjoy the warm, realistic sensations as you pound her from all your fantasy positions. Moreover, you can use a sleeve warmer to get her to the perfect warmth for the ultimate experience.

3. Anal Sex

People are different and there are those that enjoy anal sex more than others. Sadly, not all partners are willing to go the anal way, which leaves a good percentage of the population feeling disappointed and dejected.

You don’t have to be disappointed anymore! Sex dolls provide you with an ideal alternative to relieve all your sexual needs. The anal orifice is unique and tighter to ensure that you make the most out of the experience.

Get yourself a water-based lubricant and lube your sex doll to make penetration easy. The anatomically correct anus grips on your dick perfectly for one of the most serene experiences you’ll ever be a part of.

4. Oral Sex

Regardless of what excites you (vaginal or anal), one thing that unites us is the love for oral sex. Apart from the tongue and teeth, most sex dolls come with a deep throat for added fun.

And while the doll won’t be able to stimulate the suction you get from the mouth of a human, you don’t have to worry about gag reflex; you can go all the way. Just a little warming session and a quality water-based lube, and your dick will be treated to a nice, afternoon massage.