Which type of condom is better for couples to have sex?

A condom is a barrier device that can be used during sexual intercourse and cannot completely reduce the risk of sexually transmitted infections and unwanted pregnancy in women. Condoms can […]

Is it okay to use orgasm masturbation devices frequently?

The masturbator is a tool used by men and women for self-stimulation. In the past, the masturbation device (like TPE sex doll, male masturbator toys or torso) was something that […]

Couple supplies advice

Couple products usually refer to items used for sexual life between husband and wife, such as condoms, lubricants and sex toys. These items can be purchased in specialized sexual health […]

Sex toys for those who are not capable of sex?

The society that talked about sexual discoloration has passed, and people in today’s society, whether male or female, are very open-minded about sex, and the situation of giving birth before […]

Questionnaire: What do girls think of sex toys?

100+ girls share their erotic experiences The questionnaire started with 2 multiple-choice questions. The first is, where did your first sex toys come from? The second is, how to use […]

What are the categories of sex toys?

Sex toys include BDSM products, sexy lingerie, vibrating eggs, dildo, vibrating device, delay cup, etc. It refers to the use of some auxiliary products to help adults get sexual assistance, […]

The role and significance of sex toys are so great

1. Enhance the confidence of men. Aphrodisiac and delay products can greatly enhance a man’s majesty, enhance a man’s great confidence in the role of a man, so that you […]

Wrong feelings about using sex toys

Sex toys are a good thing to help sex, which can help men and women to better enjoy their sex life. Sex toys are good toys that can make people […]

How to properly view sex toys between husband and wife

The harmony of sex affects the stability of the relationship between husband and wife to a large extent, especially for those “old couples”. The dullness of sexual life is the […]

Men’s and women’s views on women’s use of sex toys

The biggest obstacle to linking women with sex toys is “ethics”. After solving the ethical problems, the rest can be done according to the instructions. However, who can open an […]