Men’s and women’s views on women’s use of sex toys

The biggest obstacle to linking women with sex toys is “ethics”. After solving the ethical problems, the rest can be done according to the instructions. However, who can open an “instruction book” for “ethics”? Let the experts tell us in detail today: Men need to be understood and respected.

Men are first in an ambiguous attitude. A married man’s first reaction was “very normal”, and added with a smile: “In modern society, if a man can’t give a woman more understanding, it’s like my son inventing a mechanism when he saw an apple falling to the ground. The laws are generally unbelievable.” But when the reporter asked: “If one day you find out that your wife is also using it, and the cause is you, what do you think?”

The relaxed smile began to solidify, and there was a long silence, and he said, “It’s better not to have it!” Other men wrote disdain on their faces: “Of course female sex toys are good, because they will be ‘obedient’, As long as there is no power outage, no one will stop the women from continuing to lust. But if it was you, you handed over your body to a pile of rubber silicone, what’s the point?”

In fact, it is no wonder that men are reluctant to “entangle” too much on this issue, and even become angry, because female sex toys undoubtedly hit men’s soft underbelly, like a slap in the face. To put it viciously, no matter whether the woman is his wife or not, men are reluctant to see female sex toys coming to “mess up”. Women put “sex fun” into sex toys, where do they go to find flowers and ask willows?

What are the attitudes of female friends towards sex toys? Many women have confided their distress: it is not that they have never thought of using them, but that they are afraid of the consequences of using them, so they have to apologise to themselves. Let the experts tell us in detail below.
Fear. Fear of “sorry” to the husband, fear of the impact on the marriage, and even fear of becoming a “sexual perversion”.

This is our woman. After entering the marriage, they play the three roles of nanny, cook, and lover, but they rarely play themselves. They are afraid that others are unhappy, but they are not afraid that they are unhappy.

Do you feel sorry for your husband just because of the use of sex toys? We don’t say that the essence of marriage is reality; we don’t say that marriage is a choice made by people who step back to the pressure of reality after the emotional peak in the process of love. , we first believe in love in this kind of marriage; at the same time, as a wife, we should love our husbands and our children, but love is not based on grievances, and love is not a single payment. If we love others, we must love ourselves first. This is the best way to show love to someone, and it is also the best reward for those who love us deeply.

Loving someone is the bliss of life; having a perfect sex life with the person you love is the bliss of bliss. Sex toys are not to turn women into pure hedonists, nor to lead them to the “abyss” of derailment; on the contrary, they are just a means to better serve the real sex life. As reporters have discovered in their investigations, many women have actually done it.