Wrong feelings about using sex toys

Sex toys are a good thing to help sex, which can help men and women to better enjoy their sex life. Sex toys are good toys that can make people enjoy orgasm and pleasure. You don’t need to be shy in the face of them. They are healthy and happy gadgets.
1. Are sex toys used by those who have a discordant or no sex life?
Truth: Anyone can use sex toys.
Surveys show that people who are sexually active use sex toys more than those who do not, and that partners who use sex toys generally have better sex lives and greater emotional intimacy. About 20-30% of people will use sex toys at least once in their lifetime.

2. Are sex toys addictive?
Truth: Addiction means some kind of harm. But using sex toys won’t hurt you (as long as they’re used correctly).
While some people may become dependent on sex toys, you don’t need to force quit, and anyone can easily go back to masturbating or having sex with a sexual partner without the use of sex toys.

3. If a woman uses sex toys, she doesn’t need a man?
Truth: Sex toys are not a substitute for people.
Sex toys don’t hug you or tell you how much he loves you. Many men are afraid of women using sex toys because they think their importance to women is mainly their “big guy”, and men feel insecure because of this.

4. Do men only use sex toys when they can’t get real sex?
The truth: When people think of men and sex toys, they think of men who buy masturbation tools and then masturbate while watching AV in the basement.
But the truth about men and sex toys is that millions of men use them, whether they’re in a relationship or single. The best way for a man to be a better lover is to understand his own sexual response.
Sex toys or not, masturbation is a key way to learn how to control your body. Using sex toys doesn’t make the man a “loser.” He’s actually pretty smart and probably better in bed. Because he is more interested in sex and more focused on technique.

5. Sex toys make sex unnatural?
Truth: We hear a lot of inaccurate claims about sex, and one of them is that natural sex means only physical contact.
Wouldn’t it be unrealistic to draw with pencil and paper? Of course not. It doesn’t make sex unnatural if we use tools or sex toys to make it more interesting, sex toys don’t run on batteries, but our imaginations.

6. Some sex toys are good and some are bad?
Fact: Sex toys are neither good nor bad, except for those that are potentially dangerous.
Sex toys are all about how we use them. A vibrator may be too strong for one person, but perfect for another. The trick is to find sex toys that work for you. Most sex toys are something some people like and some people don’t.

7. Are more expensive sex toys better?
Truth: A vibrator that costs a few hundred dollars may give you more pleasure than one that costs thousands.
Expensive sex toys may be more durable or use better materials or even be more waterproof, but they won’t necessarily make you feel better or give you more fun.
Sex toys are like many other products, and the one within the budget can serve the same purpose, and usually all we need is to find the one that suits us.

8. Do sex toys look weird?
Truth: Weird and normal are relative terms.
Maybe you feel uncomfortable talking about this in public, but just realize that everyone can be “weird” behind closed doors, and your sex life will be happier and easier. Sex toys don’t make sex weird, it just means that you feel sexual pleasure is worth pursuing.

9. Sex toys may cause harm to the body?
Truth: There is no evidence that sex toys can damage your sexuality or genitals.
Of course there are some dangers if used incorrectly, but it’s like a bottle opener that no one throws away because it might hurt their hands from misuse.