Questionnaire: What do girls think of sex toys?

100+ girls share their erotic experiences

The questionnaire started with 2 multiple-choice questions.

The first is, where did your first sex toys come from? The second is, how to use it in general? Do you usually play by yourself or with your partner?

The reason for asking these two questions is that it gives a very intuitive indication of who is the dominant player in female eroticism.

Over 100 friends filled out our questionnaire. Among them, 65% of girls said that her first sex toys were bought by themselves, and 21% were gifts for their partners.

In terms of usage, 79% of women choose to play by themselves, and 20% play with their partner.

Judging from these two figures, the majority of women in the survey are still “self-sufficient”. In other words, it is to discover desires on your own initiative and complete sexual pleasure alone.

Next, a questionnaire surveyed women’s frequency of using sex toys.

Among them, 81% of women said that they have no fixed frequency of use, and they will use it when they are interested; and about 14% of their friends said they will use it at least once a week.

“I’m masturbating and I’m telling you I’ve been doing it all day.”

In addition, some open-ended questions were asked in the questionnaire. One of them is, what new experiences/feelings did you gain after experiencing sexual pleasure?

The answer to this question surprised me a bit. Because a considerable number of women, in the experience of using sex toys, mentioned the very practical functions of toys:

“Orgasm quickly, be productive, or decompress, and sleep well when you’re done.”

Judging from these functional descriptions, it seems that for women, masturbation is not a kind of embellishment higher than life like going out to eat a high-end meal occasionally, but turned into a part of daily life .

Indeed, in the next question, “What does ‘sex’ mean to women”, many girls responded almost exactly the same – as normal as eating and sleeping.