How to properly view sex toys between husband and wife

The harmony of sex affects the stability of the relationship between husband and wife to a large extent, especially for those “old couples”. The dullness of sexual life is the main reason for cooling down the relationship. If you want to have passionate sex , In fact, you can use some special tools and sex toys, so how can you use sex toys to be more effective?

In terms of pure sensory stimulation, sex experts believe that sex equipment does have “fascinating allure”, but it is a bit of a fuss to say that it is easy to “addictive”. Because human beings are not simply animals dominated by carnal desires, human beings have emotions, and in addition to physical pleasure, they also pursue spiritual satisfaction, which cannot be filled by cold sexual gadgets.

On the other hand, the better the relationship between husband and wife, the higher the degree of emotional satisfaction, the use of sexual equipment will not only have no bad interference, but also enhance the quality and taste of sexual life. If each other uses sexual tools to each other, the stimulation will be further enhanced.

Sex toys are best used ‘in need’

However, in order to prevent the abuse of sexual devices, it is best to follow the “need” principle. The first, sex experts explain, is “use by those in need.” For those who are separated from two places, widowed, disabled, and couples have sexual life, they can use sexual utensils as a supplement to meet their daily sexual requirements; the second is to “use them when needed.”

Sex toys are not necessities of life. If you take them out and play with them from time to time, your body will become less and less sensitive to stimulation, and become more and more demanding for stimulation. Not only is it not beneficial to the body, but the psychological situation will also follow or become more serious.

When using sex toys between husband and wife, it is more important to pay attention to whether both parties have the same desire. If one party wants to use it, but the other party hates it, or hasn’t consulted the other party, reluctance to use a sexual device will only be self-defeating. “Like some men who buy it for their wives, the wife may not be able to refuse, but she is not happy and thinks wildly, which will endanger the relationship between husband and wife.”

Some men think it’s okay for men to use sex toys, but if they find out that their wives or girlfriends are secretly using sex toys, they are often outraged.

Sex experts say that despite the relationship between husband and wife, how to vent is still a personal privacy. You should allow the other party a certain degree of freedom, rather than forcing the other party to obey you. Therefore, even if the husband feels angry, insecure, and guilty when he sees his wife secretly using sexual devices, he should still understand her in the end. The two will discuss the disharmony in their sexual life and make appropriate adjustments.

Only the correct use of these sex toys can effectively improve the quality of sex between men and women. If they are used blindly, it will only make the sex between two people worse, which is counterproductive.