Couple supplies advice

Couple products usually refer to items used for sexual life between husband and wife, such as condoms, lubricants and sex toys. These items can be purchased in specialized sexual health stores or online. Since these items are private purchases, purchases should be made with as much privacy as possible.

When purchasing supplies for husband and wife, you should pay attention to the following points:

Quality: Good quality products should be selected to ensure safe and comfortable use.

Applicability: You should choose products that are suitable for you, such as condoms, you should choose the appropriate size.

Brand: A reputable brand should be chosen to ensure product quality.

Safety: Care should be taken in the use of condoms to prevent the spread of sexually transmitted diseases.

Sex between couples is an important form of emotional connection, so care should be taken when shopping for couples products to ensure safety and comfort.

According to the different functions and usage methods of husband and wife products, they can be roughly divided into five categories:

1. Refers to those objects used to directly output or input stimuli. They are mainly three things: lifelike sex dolls, toys, and vibrators.
2. A TPE sex doll is made of materials such as rubber or plastic to imitate a real person as much as possible, similar to a big doll, and is usually blown up with air. Then make or install some fake private parts, breasts, mouth, anus or genitals on the corresponding parts, so that the buyer can have “sex” with this real sex doll. Some dolls also add hair, lubrication or vibration devices, and so on.
3. Vibrators generally refer to those things that can produce oscillation and vibration by electric motors among various artificial products imitating genitalia. There are also some vibrators that have attached to them that vibrate and stimulate the clitoris and anus. The word vibrator comes from the kind of “vibrator” used to mix concrete, and to avoid confusion, things used in sex should be called “shakers”. Sex toys is a broader term that can include sex dolls and vibrators, but also various other man-made items that are specifically intended for sexual use.

Generally speaking, in intercourse, there will be dissatisfaction between husband and wife, no orgasm, inconsistent movements, old routines, etc. In such cases, as long as you choose one of the adult products to improve the relationship between the two parties Sexual interest will often allow the couple to really enjoy the climax during the intercourse process. The relationship between the couple will be significantly improved, and the contradictions in real life will be greatly reduced. Therefore, in this process, we must pay attention to the selection of supplies for adults, and make purchases according to the problems that arise in which aspects. For example, the woman always feels that her husband is short and short, and has not achieved the orgasm effect of the G-spot at all. Of course, buying silicone dildos or vibrators in some stores to improve the effect of orgasm will be truly satisfying in the process. Adult products are a catalyst to improve the sexual life of couples.