Which type of condom is better for couples to have sex?

A condom is a barrier device that can be used during sexual intercourse and cannot completely reduce the risk of sexually transmitted infections and unwanted pregnancy in women. Condoms can be divided into two types: female condoms and male condoms. The raw materials of condoms are mainly latex, plastic or parchment. With the development of technology and the times, modern condoms are more comfortable, lighter, and safer. Various brands have also launched different types of condoms to meet the different needs of consumers.

Today, condoms are not only for contraception and disease prevention, but on this basis, developers have developed many condoms with different functions. So, which condom is better?

1. Smooth and moisturizing type
Suitable for the crowd: Middle-aged and elderly couples can increase vaginal lubrication
As women age, the secretion of estrogen decreases, and some people will have dry reproductive tracts, and sex life will be very difficult or even painful, which makes them more and more afraid of sex life and can be hidden. In this case, the husband can also choose a double-lubricated condom, which usually contains more lubricant, which will help the sex life go smoothly.
In fact, the first rubber condoms were produced without lubricant. Condoms often break or damage the vaginal mucosa due to excessive drying. Americans first applied glycerin and ethylene glycol to condoms, and began using silicone oil in 1960. Methyl silicone oil lubricant, it not only has a lubricating effect, but also has no irritation, which is hygienic and applicable. In recent years, condoms with water-soluble lubricants have begun to appear on the market, which will not feel greasy and will be more refreshing for users.

2. There are floating point or screw type
Suitable for the crowd: want to increase sexual stimulation
From the surface processing of the condom film, there are particle type and thread type. Particle types can be divided into small and large particles. The thread type is also called the ring type. Condoms can more or less increase the stimulation of the vaginal wall and improve the quality of sexual life. Years of sexual life can reduce a person’s sexual sensitivity, especially for women. These condoms have floating points or threads, which increase friction during use, which in theory can increase a woman’s pleasure. However, it is not recommended at the beginning of a sexual experience, as excessive friction can cause pain for some women.

3. Delay function type
Suitable for the crowd: men who do not last long:
Most men prefer condoms as thin as possible, but sometimes thicker condoms are more helpful for men prone to premature ejaculation. Some brands are called endurance clothing, and some brands are called double protection. This kind of thick condom is not only not easy to damage, but also can reduce the stimulation of male genitalia during sexual life and achieve the effect of physical delay.
Another kind of condom that can achieve the delayed function is to add drugs to the condom to delay the time of male ejaculation. Different manufacturers use different medications, including natural plant extracts and benzocaine (anesthetic).

4. Vibration type
Suitable for the crowd: hope to have a stronger shock and give women more stimulation
This vibrating condom is a regular condom and vibrating ring. The vibrating ring can be used alone or with a condom. At the same time, wear a condom, then put on the vibrating ring, turn on the switch, and start the vibration. Some businesses claim their products can vibrate continuously for more than 20 minutes.
If you want to give full play to the effect of the vibrating ring, you can first wear the vibrating ring on your finger as a ring, then wear the vibrating sleeve on the root of the penis, and aim the vibrator at the female clitoris, which will increase the excitement and help women more easily orgasm. In addition to being used in sex life, the vibrating sleeve is also one of the helpers for masturbation.

5. Non-latex type
Suitable for the crowd: latex allergies: latex allergies:
The vast majority of condoms are made of natural latex, and some people experience allergic reactions after using them. Men will experience redness, itching and tingling on the head of the penis, severe rupture and erosion; women will experience itching and burning of the vulva and vagina, vaginal mucosal hyperemia, edema, and increased leucorrhea. According to statistics, 1-3 of every 100 men in the United States are allergic to latex. For these people, other birth control methods are only available long-term.
More recently, however, some businesses have introduced non-latex condoms that look no different than regular condoms. But it is said to adopt a unique molecular structure and polyisoprene material, which is unprecedentedly soft, similar to the intimate relationship of skin-to-skin contact, and is also suitable for people who are particularly concerned about the foreign body sensation of traditional condoms.

6. Fluorescent type
Suitable for the crowd: those who want to love shine
Different types of condoms have different functions. Which one is best to choose based on needs There is no standard answer.
Fluorescent condoms emit a faint light at night. Some people describe it like this: like a narrow alley at night, a faint moonlight guides you in the direction of happiness. However, some professionals point out that this condom is produced by the energy of phosphorus, and phosphorus or fragrances are chemicals that may be allergens. If it comes into direct contact with female genitals, it can cause vaginal inflammation and increased discharge. People with allergies should use it with caution.