What is the jumping egg for?

Why is it called a jumping egg? Perhaps it is because it is shaped like an egg. The jumping egg is divided into: a wired jumping egg and a wireless jumping egg. Generally, high-grade PVC non-toxic polymer medical materials are used, and cleaning and hygiene should be paid attention to before and after use. Do not touch the internal circuit part of the non-waterproof vibrating egg, but female love juice has no effect on the vibrating egg and can be used safely.

Vibrating eggs are equipped with vibration motors. The vibrating egg is equipped with a vibrating motor, which is small in size and highly irritating. It is a new type of adult sex toys like TPE sex doll. In today’s society, work pressure is high and competition is fierce. For single women, how can they release the pent-up desire in their hearts? This is the magic of vibrating eggs. It can effectively stimulate the sensitive areas of a woman’s body, especially sensitive areas such as the clitoris, nipples, neck, and inner thighs. This stimulation will be quickly transmitted to the brain center by the nerves, so that sex can be achieved. The same excitement, so that the body and mind are completely relaxed. Therefore, foreign sex therapists often use vibrating eggs to treat women suffering from frigidity.

Of course, vibrating eggs can also be used for men, but the stimulation and exciting effect on men is far less obvious and strong than that on women. For single women or women who cannot live a normal sex life because of long-distance relationships, Tiaodan can be regarded as a good companion. Easy to use and highly effective, you can achieve orgasm in no time. The waterproof vibrator can even be used in bathrooms and swimming pools. The remote control can be controlled by yourself or by others. Its various ways of playing can let you experience the long-lost passion.

Foreign sex experts pointed out that the sexual excitement generated by women’s use of vibrating eggs even surpasses the pleasure brought by sex, and this pleasure usually exceeds women’s self-control ability, making them irresistible and unable to whitewash their love for vibrating eggs, and even many women When making love with your partner, you will also be required to use the fun vibrator to achieve an infinite orgasm.

The function of the vibrating egg is inseparable from the stimulation of a woman’s erogenous zone. If you put it on any sexy part of a woman’s body, it will form a strong stimulus. Of course, under normal circumstances, the clitoris, nipples, areola, neck, lower abdomen, The inner thighs, armpits, and knee fossa are the most sensitive areas. The function of the vibrating egg is to stimulate these parts, and then transmit the excitement to the brain, which makes people feel sexual pleasure, which is very strong.

Sexy jumping eggs have become popular among young women, and are also loved by single white-collar workers and older leftover women. Vibrating eggs can effectively stimulate the sensitive areas of the female body, especially the sensitive areas on the body. This kind of stimulation will be quickly transmitted to the brain center by the nerves, so as to achieve the same excitement as having sex and completely relax the body and mind.

How to use vibrating eggs:
1. Vibrate the clitoris when masturbating. Continuous, high-intensity stimulation greatly advances the time of clitoral orgasm compared with pure hand.
2. When masturbating, you can also insert the vibrating egg to stimulate the G-spot.
3. Use it during foreplay for couples to avoid the pain of male compatriots.
4. The wireless jumping egg can be used with couples when they go out.

Precautions for women using vibrating eggs:
1. Disinfection must be carried out before using Tiaodan, which can effectively prevent bacterial infection.
2. You need to lubricate the vagina before use, or apply some lubricating oil on the vibrating egg.
3. After using the jumping egg, it needs to be cleaned, and then stored in a cool place, which can prolong the service life of the jumping egg.
4. When the vibrating egg is not in use, the battery should be taken out and placed elsewhere to prevent the battery from corroding the vibrating egg due to expiration.
5. Don’t insert the vibrating egg too deeply. Inserting the vibrating egg too deeply may make it impossible to pull out the vibrating egg, which will cause damage to some sensitive parts.
6. Do not use it for too long. The source of vibration of the jumping egg is the battery. Therefore, when using the jumping egg, the time should not be too long.