Useful adult sex toys

Sex toys are easy to understand literally. The use of sex toys to increase sex has a long history. There are textual researches in ancient and modern China and abroad. They are widely used in various cultures. With the improvement of material and cultural levels, people turn to the pursuit of spirituality. For the joy of sex, adult products have gradually come into everyone’s field of vision openly, such as vibrators, vibrating eggs, masturbation cups, lubricants, delay sprays, sexy underwear, BDSM products, etc. It is suitable for women who suffer from frigidity and functions Impaired men, or middle-aged couples with difficult sex, etc., have improved results.

In the eyes of sexology experts, because human beings are not purely animals dominated by sensual desires, human beings have emotions. In addition to physical pleasure, they also pursue spiritual satisfaction, which cannot be filled by cold sexual objects. Both men and women can meet their physiological needs with the help of supplements, not only without asking for help, but also without affecting or forcing others to act. From another point of view, the better the relationship between husband and wife, the higher the emotional satisfaction. The use of sexual equipment will not only cause no bad interference, but also enhance the quality and interest of sexual life. If each other uses sexual equipment to each other, the stimulation will be further increased.

In developing countries, even in areas where traditional concepts are still strong, people’s understanding of sex toys is beginning to gradually change. The reason why sex toys are crowned with the word “sex” is to increase the changes in the boudoir, inject new stimuli, and expect to reach a perfect climax.

Consumers should not blindly seek excitement and ignore the importance of materials when purchasing sexy products. Otherwise, if they break, get stuck, or fall into the vagina, etc., they will really lose their lives and lose their soldiers. up. For example, if the penis ring has feathers or small beads, it is easy for the penis to fall off the feathers or small beads in the vagina when the penis is pumped; if the penis is used for too long, it will also lead to cell necrosis and other phenomena . In addition, poor-quality massage sticks or condoms (especially convex ones) are also likely to break or fall off. Therefore, when purchasing, you must consider many aspects so as not to be self-defeating.

Since most sex products are in direct contact with sexual organs, extra care must be taken in terms of hygiene and hygiene in the use of sex products. If it is not a disposable sex product, it should be cleaned after each use; and a dildo for masturbation is best used with a condom. In addition, inflatable or silicone/ TPE sex dolls, which are favored by many people, should not be shared by multiple people just because they are expensive, because if bacteria get on the body and cause more serious sexually transmitted diseases, the loss outweighs the gain! Therefore, the code of use of sex toys is an issue that everyone should attach great importance to.

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