What is a human safety toy material?

Fortunately, there are many human-safe toys on the market, as well as bad toys. Although there are many materials that are safe for humans, due to their reliability and excellent look and feel, we specifically use the following materials to carry toys:

Medical grade organic
Silicone silicone is a compound mainly made of silicon dioxide (sand), which has high heat resistance, softness, non-absorption and is not easily damaged. It is one of our favorite sex toy materials because it is easy to clean and very safe.

Silicone sex toys can be made into almost any shape and can have any color. Your silicone dildo or toy (no motor or electronics) can be placed in an empty dishwasher or even boiled for disinfection. They can persist and have a skin-like feel.


Glittering jewelry-like artwork. Glass sex toys are beautiful, durable and non-porous. The sturdiness of the toy causes many people to swear a stronger feeling. Glass is also easy to maintain and does not absorb unwanted odors.