What does a female orgasm really feel like?

In Europe before the twentieth century, the scientific community believed that women had no sexual desire, and that sexual desire only existed in men.
In a depressive environment and under the shackles of morality, when a decent woman feels that she has “strange” thoughts (sexual desire), anxiety, irritability, belly swelling and even mental disorders, etc., they can only seek help from a doctor..
Doctors who didn’t know how to describe this situation named the symptom “Hysteria”.

Woman thought to be suffering from hysteria undergoes pre-diagnosis consultation with doctor
Mild hysteria can be resolved by galloping across the fields, and if the bumpy saddle doesn’t help, the most effective remedy is “pelvic massage”—a very scientific-sounding term for masturbation.
Women line up to enter the clinic, waiting for the doctor inside to give them massage therapy.

Hysteria treatment: the doctor puts his hand under the patient's skirt and regularly massages the woman's pelvic area
But this will cause a problem—there are too many female patients, and this becomes a time-consuming and laborious project.
Do what you do and hate what you do, if you have to treat 20 to 30 hysterical patients every day, even Qilin who has practiced hard for more than 20 years may not be able to do it.
What’s more, a female patient claimed that she was not satisfied, and sued a doctor who treated “hysteria” at the time to court, demanding compensation. The doctor had no choice but to cooperate with his friends to design an electric feather duster, which can provide continuous massage power through electricity. After testing, it can quickly make female patients have multiple orgasms.
Thus, in 1880, the world’s first vibrator was born.

The world's first vibrator on film
Over the years, with the advancement of science and the awakening of social meaning, women’s physiological needs have finally been recognized and taken seriously. The “hysteria” with a long history is more like a fictitious brand artificially imprinted on women.
In the final analysis, “sex” is just like eating when you are hungry and drinking water when you are thirsty. It is an innate and normal need for people, and this need does not distinguish between men and women.