How to maintain a good relationship between the sexes? 5 principles you should keep in mind

In the vast sea of people, men and women know each other, love each other, and then get married and have children. From then on, their fates are closely linked. Since they come together, they must learn to tolerate, tolerate, and cherish. How to maintain each other’s feelings in the relationship between the two sexes and how to cultivate family affection is something that both parties need to make efforts to achieve.

We all know that husband and wife is a relatively special relationship, which is different from blood relatives. It is two people who were originally strangers who lived together because of mutual attraction and then experienced different stages of development. In a relationship, what should we do?

1. Communicate well

Communication is the most basic element in all relationships. Only with good communication can we understand and understand each other, and only by reaching a consensus can we live together better. The most harmonious state in the relationship between husband and wife is that they can communicate at the spiritual level, otherwise there will be an embarrassing situation of talking with ducks.

2. Keep it fresh

Nalan Rongruo’s sentence “If life is just like the first time” is highly praised by most people. The bottom line is that, when we first met, there was so much freshness and so many unknown secrets. Everyone kept exploring each other and found a lot of beautiful things. Therefore, even after marriage, everyone should maintain a sense of freshness and learn different things, so that the other party feels that you are a resource that will not be exhausted.

3. Increase happiness

The happiness of husband and wife is not only reflected in the daily life, but also reflected in the sex life. The husband and wife are no longer shyly talking about the sex life. They will also find the taste that suits each other. At the same time, don’t forget to take safety measures, with the help of sex toys to increase the couple’s satisfaction! Increase happiness!

4. Keep it mysterious

Freshness is not common, but mystery must be frequent. The difference between this and freshness is that freshness is to add some life interest in daily life, and mystery is not to give you everything about you. Object, do you remember this?