Silicone sex doll factory: how each “dream lover” sold for Thousands of dollars is made?

More and more women are becoming interested in sex dolls, and when the manufacturer posts pictures of new products on Facebook, there are always be some women who reply “when will you produce male dolls?”

A woman with her beloved male doll

There was a famous bar, closed to the public, with a “do not enter” sign on the metal door. Push the door through the thick red curtain, the light is dim. Before your eyes adapted to seeing in low light conditions, you can see three young bodies: Right front of the small stage beside a young woman, wearing only green and white striped bikini and white silk stockings; On the sofa in the corner lay a naked lady. The owner of the bar also owns a factory. These three “ladies” are made in his factory. These dolls weigh more than 50 pounds. Take her in your arms, she is heavy, she have no body temperature, the body is cool. The skin of these dolls looks smooth and delicate and feels slightly astringent. And their skin is more elastic than real humans. They are often called “silicone dolls” or “inflatable dolls” and are used as sex toys. But for many, they are lovers, companions. some would even find the factory where their loved ones were made, and they would come to worship.

The beautiful sex doll does not have unified standard, in order to meet the individual character requirement of more people

In a room about 60 square meters, a man in a white gown frets over the body of a female doll. He leaned forward, hunched over his back, shifting his mouse from time to time to see the jagged digital models on his computer screen. From any Angle, this is a body that is attractive enough: the limbs are slightly curved, and a plump buttock. This is the research and development center of the factory, about ten kilometers away from the bar. Nearly a thousand lifelike sex dolls leave the factory every month. This office is the first step in the life of a silicone doll.

Researchers at the center study drawings of human structures

The man in the white  gown is the company’s 3D stylist. He is still hesitant to reduce the size of the buttocks, given that the buyer may have placed the doll in a standing position that would have made them too large. The tech director looked on for a moment and suggested trying to preserve the rounded curve of the butt. “it’s a nice butt,” he said. In real life, even if the whole body plastic surgery, a person can’t have perfect buttocks, long legs, slender waists, delicate features, and half the weight of a normal person at the same time. But these are just basic conditions for a lifelike sex dolls . “The first thing we want to do with this product is to make it beautiful, otherwise it’s not attractive ” The company’s sales director says they even use well-known models for their designs, not their faces, “but the proportion of the top to bottom of the model and the proportion of the head to the whole body.”

Dolls have perfect buttocks, long legs, slender waists, delicate features

Under the beautiful skin, there are more complex designs. “For example, people have more than 100 joints, while our dolls have only 32 joints,” said Lucern. They are also working on adding more joints to make the dolls move more like real people. At the same time, they have nearly 16 motors on their heads, which are designed to mimic the movements of human facial muscles, causing them to blink, open their mouths and stick out their tongues. ” Make it hard where it should be, soft where it should be, where the force should be applied, It is difficult to meet these requirements, which involves mechanical properties, bionics, power, friction coefficient of materials, pressure on silicone and other factors.”

The sculptor is making a prototype of the head
The skilled worker is making elaborate makeup and nail polish on the silicone doll’s body.

In the office of the research and development center, there is a life-size skeleton model, and a miniature human muscle model and a 3D body scanning system designed by employees and controlled by game controllers. In addition to equipment, stylists browse through pictures of various bodies to observe and learn. But beauty does not have unified standard, in order to meet the individual character requirement of more people, besides the doll of different disposition, they still designed 10 kinds of figure, 22 kinds of head, 3 kinds of skin color, 4 kinds of pupil color, 2 kinds of joints, 5 kinds of hair, 2 kinds of finger skeleton. In theory, these parts could be combined to create 52,800 different silicone dolls. That’s not enough, users are constantly coming to them with new requirements, “for everything, for Julie and rihanna,” the staff said, ” Of course it can’t be done. It’s infringing.” But in 2013, they brought in Japanese porn stars. The AV Actress named “Nanase Otoha”, is a sweet-looking post-90s girl. She is 1.57m tall and has a D-cup figure, Classified as “baby face big breasts” type of girls. The designer modeled Nanase Otoha’s hands, feet, breasts and face, measured body proportions and took nude photos from different angles. Based on this data, the center spent eight months developing a physical doll called “Otoha.” “Even abroad it is popular,” said Lucern.  ” After all, it was made with real people as the prototype, which is very realistic.”

The head of the doll made from a head mold
The heads of the doll made according to a real human hand model

Three months ago, the factory owner registered a short video account. He recruited a few employees, all dressed in leather and sunglasses, to ride Harley and rock dance in the streets, which imitates the short video of the bosozoku in Japan, has attracted more than 300,000 fans. Some time ago, they posted a funny video embedded in their product advertising. In video, a hungry man raised his face to heaven and begged god for food, and bread falls from heaven. When he saw his wish come true, he begged for money again, Money fell from the sky, The man overjoyed, further request to give a beauty, a white-collar dress black silk silicone doll fell into his arms. Out of more than 500 comments, more than 100 are looking for product links to buy sex dolls. Most of the people who buy the dolls are still men, According to Bob. More than 90 percent of doll buyers are male, with the majority between the ages of 22 to 40.

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