It is important to understand your carnal desires

Before choosing any sex doll, it is very important to understand your carnal desires. Sex dolls come in different shapes and sizes and so does the needs of a man. Sex dolls are exotic and intimate solutions for most of the people who enjoy it. Because of so many variations like BBW sex dolls, petite dolls, redhead dolls, and others, it is difficult to choose the right doll for your pleasure.

The demands for Hentai dolls are rising because majority of the people fantasize about slim and trim girls. You may now turn your Hentai fantasies into reality with a wide range of adult dolls that are available in the market. There is good news for all those who have been fantasizing about skinny chicks and have wanted to try out things that they watch in porn- you all can now enjoy a wide range of adult dolls available in the store.

You can now make your sex fantasies come true with these realistic dolls. The dolls have been customized as per your needs. If you have no interest on female sex dolls, no worries! The sex doll market has now introduced handsome and hot looking guys for men, women and transgender. You can get the finest quality of male sex dolls from the market. Even the selective buyers can satisfy all their needs with these handsome sex dolls having biggest dicks that you can even think of!

mini sex doll

You need to have a good financial background if you actually want to date a girl and fuck her for real as girls these days. Do not see your heart and love as they see your money before sleeping with you. So why get into so much of trouble when you can invest in realistic sex dolls and fuck them as much as you want to and the best thing is that this is a one-time investment that you do. Just buy a doll and fuck her as much as you want and whenever you want and she will be happy to be fucked by you.

Virtual Romance Club

2016 is the hottest year for the virtual reality industry, and the virtual film and television industry and the game industry are two important development directions. If the two are compared, then they are advancing to the porn culture. In addition, the birth of 5G has also provided a more realistic experience for VR online games. Fallen doll by Japanese adult VR game maker.

It enjoys a high reputation in Japan and even the world. The game recounts that in 2001, in order to stop the aggression of foreign origin species (called “BETA” by the United Nations), the Japanese Empire sent a dark-haired beautiful girl to a special task assigned by Iwataka Sasuke to participate as a Japanese technical director “Prominence Plan” to jointly develop humanoid “tactical aircraft” with US Army personnel. Simply put, it’s a game to see how BETA can kill girls, the game scene is full of blood and taboo elements.

One of the main advantages of 5G is reduced latency, which is very important for online games because online games are crucial. Smart sex dolls and VR headsets will provide this lifelike experience.

In 5G-based virtual reality, the machine sitting on his leg looks like another person, and its movement will be fully synchronized with the movement of the oral sex. Users can use these 3D models to create still images and animated videos, or have sex with them using VR headsets and connected toys such as sex dolls. Not surprisingly, sharing 3D models of celebrities is one of the most common activities in the community, because high-quality photos are available online, and simply because people like public figures whose fantasy cannot be achieved.

Social Function of Sex Dolls

In fact, sex dolls may become a solution to social problems. Although this sounds incredible. India and China are typical examples. When gender imbalances intensify, those who are poor in the family will become very anxious, increase social instability and crime, and trigger a series of social problems.

Buying and selling marriages, abducting women, defrauding marriages, buying prostitution, rape, and sexual diseases will become more serious, especially the proportion of sexual crimes will remain high. The marriage of young men cannot be solved, the sexual rights are not satisfied, and the fairness and justice of a society cannot be demonstrated. And people’s concept of fertility will not change fundamentally. Young couples are generally reluctant to have more children, and the fertility rate will not increase significantly. This problem exists in Japan with a low birth rate. Many singles prefer realistic sex dolls to accompany themselves.

Many scholars are still worried that China may have more than 10 million girls who have not been registered and disappeared out of thin air. They cannot be reflected in the data and are likely to be deprived of their right to life before and after birth. However, the current social problems have been added, because people’s concept of fertility will not change fundamentally. Young couples are generally reluctant to have more children, and the fertility rate will not increase significantly because the current maintenance costs are high and society The pressure is also great.

China’s gender imbalance is one of the factors that make the adult products industry prosperous. On the one hand, because of the imbalance between men and women, on the other hand, with the development of the economy, people’s concept of real dolls has gradually changed, and demand has also changed.

Silicone sex doll factory: how each “dream lover” sold for Thousands of dollars is made?

More and more women are becoming interested in sex dolls, and when the manufacturer posts pictures of new products on Facebook, there are always be some women who reply “when will you produce male dolls?”

A woman with her beloved male doll

There was a famous bar, closed to the public, with a “do not enter” sign on the metal door. Push the door through the thick red curtain, the light is dim. Before your eyes adapted to seeing in low light conditions, you can see three young bodies: Right front of the small stage beside a young woman, wearing only green and white striped bikini and white silk stockings; On the sofa in the corner lay a naked lady. The owner of the bar also owns a factory. These three “ladies” are made in his factory. These dolls weigh more than 50 pounds. Take her in your arms, she is heavy, she have no body temperature, the body is cool. The skin of these dolls looks smooth and delicate and feels slightly astringent. And their skin is more elastic than real humans. They are often called “silicone dolls” or “inflatable dolls” and are used as sex toys. But for many, they are lovers, companions. some would even find the factory where their loved ones were made, and they would come to worship.

The beautiful sex doll does not have unified standard, in order to meet the individual character requirement of more people

In a room about 60 square meters, a man in a white gown frets over the body of a female doll. He leaned forward, hunched over his back, shifting his mouse from time to time to see the jagged digital models on his computer screen. From any Angle, this is a body that is attractive enough: the limbs are slightly curved, and a plump buttock. This is the research and development center of the factory, about ten kilometers away from the bar. Nearly a thousand lifelike sex dolls leave the factory every month. This office is the first step in the life of a silicone doll.

Researchers at the center study drawings of human structures

The man in the white  gown is the company’s 3D stylist. He is still hesitant to reduce the size of the buttocks, given that the buyer may have placed the doll in a standing position that would have made them too large. The tech director looked on for a moment and suggested trying to preserve the rounded curve of the butt. “it’s a nice butt,” he said. In real life, even if the whole body plastic surgery, a person can’t have perfect buttocks, long legs, slender waists, delicate features, and half the weight of a normal person at the same time. But these are just basic conditions for a lifelike sex dolls . “The first thing we want to do with this product is to make it beautiful, otherwise it’s not attractive ” The company’s sales director says they even use well-known models for their designs, not their faces, “but the proportion of the top to bottom of the model and the proportion of the head to the whole body.”

Dolls have perfect buttocks, long legs, slender waists, delicate features

Under the beautiful skin, there are more complex designs. “For example, people have more than 100 joints, while our dolls have only 32 joints,” said Lucern. They are also working on adding more joints to make the dolls move more like real people. At the same time, they have nearly 16 motors on their heads, which are designed to mimic the movements of human facial muscles, causing them to blink, open their mouths and stick out their tongues. ” Make it hard where it should be, soft where it should be, where the force should be applied, It is difficult to meet these requirements, which involves mechanical properties, bionics, power, friction coefficient of materials, pressure on silicone and other factors.”

The sculptor is making a prototype of the head
The skilled worker is making elaborate makeup and nail polish on the silicone doll’s body.

In the office of the research and development center, there is a life-size skeleton model, and a miniature human muscle model and a 3D body scanning system designed by employees and controlled by game controllers. In addition to equipment, stylists browse through pictures of various bodies to observe and learn. But beauty does not have unified standard, in order to meet the individual character requirement of more people, besides the doll of different disposition, they still designed 10 kinds of figure, 22 kinds of head, 3 kinds of skin color, 4 kinds of pupil color, 2 kinds of joints, 5 kinds of hair, 2 kinds of finger skeleton. In theory, these parts could be combined to create 52,800 different silicone dolls. That’s not enough, users are constantly coming to them with new requirements, “for everything, for Julie and rihanna,” the staff said, ” Of course it can’t be done. It’s infringing.” But in 2013, they brought in Japanese porn stars. The AV Actress named “Nanase Otoha”, is a sweet-looking post-90s girl. She is 1.57m tall and has a D-cup figure, Classified as “baby face big breasts” type of girls. The designer modeled Nanase Otoha’s hands, feet, breasts and face, measured body proportions and took nude photos from different angles. Based on this data, the center spent eight months developing a physical doll called “Otoha.” “Even abroad it is popular,” said Lucern.  ” After all, it was made with real people as the prototype, which is very realistic.”

The head of the doll made from a head mold
The heads of the doll made according to a real human hand model

Three months ago, the factory owner registered a short video account. He recruited a few employees, all dressed in leather and sunglasses, to ride Harley and rock dance in the streets, which imitates the short video of the bosozoku in Japan, has attracted more than 300,000 fans. Some time ago, they posted a funny video embedded in their product advertising. In video, a hungry man raised his face to heaven and begged god for food, and bread falls from heaven. When he saw his wish come true, he begged for money again, Money fell from the sky, The man overjoyed, further request to give a beauty, a white-collar dress black silk silicone doll fell into his arms. Out of more than 500 comments, more than 100 are looking for product links to buy sex dolls. Most of the people who buy the dolls are still men, According to Bob. More than 90 percent of doll buyers are male, with the majority between the ages of 22 to 40.

Dating with a doll, start your journey of happiness now :

Real sex doll for the couples

Would allow you to buy a real sex doll if the woman is pregnant. It is difficult for her wife to give her husband a physiological satisfaction during pregnancy. It is a man who knows that we do not believe that you can endure it as long as it is physiologically okay.

It is because, during the woman’s pregnancy, the sex doll can give the husband casual sex, no risk, no shouting, no pregnancy, no need to worry about the health problem. There is no risk or liability required. Realistic sex dolls are always being the most demanded sex toy in the modern world because they are not only affordable but also able to give you the safe sex that is hard to find with a prostitute.

Some people believe that this is a kind of cheating to go with these sex dolls even if you are in a relationship with someone. At the other hand, some people believe on some facts and even realities that are proving them wrong. Sex is one of the most important things that let you have the satisfaction in your body. There are many other requirements that one wants from the depth of their heart if they want to have sex with someone.

real doll

If you are one of the couples and you are not satisfied with your sex life, you might be thinking to switch to another one but you can even buy some sex dolls that can eliminate such troubles. For the couples, who are not happy with their sex life, this is not going to be an unethical thing to spend time with latest sex dolls. You need to go with the quality of sex dolls if you want to have the enjoyment of such things.

The sex doll development history

The society is developing continuously, and various new kinds of objects are attracting people’s eyes. In recent years, real doll have gradually entered people’s perspective. Today we’re going to cover the interesting history of the sex doll.

As we all know, at the beginning there was no entity doll, but first inflatable doll, and real sex doll is by inflatable doll innovation, development. The earliest inflatable dolls, invented in Germany and Japan in the late 1930s, were primarily used in the military.

When world war ii, Hitler in order to prevent German soldiers and occupation of the 5 “by the origin” line of women, eliminate venereal disease spread in Nazi army commander told Himmler, secretly developing a similar and female physiological structure of inflatable dolls, to the germans emergencies, this is the reason why inflatable doll come to this world the first.

sex doll

Hitler was so concerned about it that he made a very specific request for the inflatable doll: “she must have all the sexy looks of a young woman.” As a result of this kind of inflatable doll cost is low, one cent price one cent goods, product effect also makes a person satisfied impossibly, and the body and facial ministry some place still have edge and corner, feel odd poor, joint bends to still can appear serious deformation.

In the 21st century, simulation dolls, which we call realistic sex dolls, not only feel like skin, but also have flexible limbs and can be put into various attractive poses, but also have solid structure and good durability. People no longer need to worry about, now the entity sex doll has basically realized the ideal, the product not only texture is close to the real person’s skin, and the sense of touch is almost genuine.

Sex dolls are satisfying your sexual needs

Sex is said as one of the satisfying things that can give you the pleasure as well as the pleasant sense in your daily life. In case of most of the people, this is tough to find their partner perfect according to their expectation. Sex dolls can be said as a great choice for the people who don’t want to waste their time in doing and finding this in the given time. You can take the solution as a real lifelike sex doll. Sex dolls are the modern way of satisfying your sexual needs.

realistic sex dolls

In the lack of proper sex, after a certain age, people get stress. This helps them to be free from stress and depression in the same case. Sex doll is very popular nowadays, and most men are excited by the prospect of making their own sex doll. The range of adjustments is sufficient to distract even the most experienced buyers.Sex dolls are said as the alternate for the people who are not happy with their sex life. This is pretty useful in married life as well as in many other cases.

But before investing your money in those dolls and buying a quality of doll, you might want to know some more facts about those dolls. The realistic sex dolls are like the flames of female temperament and reflect the beauty of the woman. Enjoying life with the best pleasure is never that tough if you are spending your nights with these beautiful lifelike sex dolls.

Both TPE and silicone dolls look very realistic for their human counterpart. Both have intricately carved private parts such as a structured vaginal tube and a narrow anal tunnel to give your manhood the most realistic experience possible. Men can now live their wildest fantasies in the privacy of their home, without fear of having sexually transmitted diseases or hurting their partner.

Why sex doll helpful for male?

They are not ordinary sex toys, a life-size sex doll resembles a woman’s body in every detail. It can even be customized to fit individuals’ needs for hairstyle, facial structure, spots on the body or anything. People may be shocked to find sex dolls look just like themselves.

A sex doll is a type of sex toy the size and shape of a human. Sex dolls exist in various forms, but are distinguished from sex robots that can exhibit more complex interactions. A sex doll looks just like a woman, but it can be sexually exploited. This can be the option to help male friend or colleague or anyone add an infinite amount of excitement to their lives.

lifelike sex dolls

If you had a breakup – If you have recently gone through your separation or mental trauma following a loss of your life partner, it is advisable to buy these dolls immediately. And you also have to be one of them. Just go online to the sex shop and buy realistic sex dolls. It helps you overcome the unwanted stress and return to your normal life.

Whenever we fantasize about sex in our mind, we feel like a butterfly tickling all our sexual feelings. We as humans have been flooded with several wonderful options to fully enjoy the feeling of sex, and sex dolls are one of them. It sustains the fun and enjoyment of man’s sex and takes him to a new extreme level.

Purchase sex doll in an online store

Sex dolls were originally made of inflatable plastic, with less sexual appeal and satisfaction. Fortunately, with technology and growing demand for sex dolls, a sex doll can now buy that is responsive to touch, especially during sex. That’s amazing, right? The popularity of sex doll has increased impressively over the years, and the real dolls have become the gospel of many single men who will satisfy and even accompany all sexes of men.

The real doll is made of pure silica gel or a medical soft glue, which has a high degree of authenticity and can mimic various human movements. Sex toys have been specifically designed to release the male sexual cravings of sex toys. Most simulations of the female body or female modeling are done. The material mainly consists of silica gel, soft glue and other materials to achieve an effect that is similar in real people. Online shopping is the best place to buy adult toys.

We know that sex with a doll and a real woman are two different things. Of course, their use has advantages and disadvantages, so we both discuss. In the opinion of users, the use of sex dolls has the disadvantage that they should be emotionless during sex. She can not kiss you, she can not kiss you or tell you that she wants because she can not speak! More and more people want to buy a toy in an online store, which is a good idea.

realistic sex dolls

Today, you can access adult love dolls via the internet. More and more men, women and couples are buying toys These online sex toys contain romantic objects and decorations. With the development of the Times, online shopping has become an indispensable part of people’s lives. This is the most direct and secure way to find adult toys. Remember buying toys for adults is just as important as watching toys.

Good reason to purchase realistic sex doll

The world of real doll is sure to change in the next few years, whether you see the East or west side. Nearly every expression, every optical desire and almost every size is possible and available within a reasonable time. The realistic sex doll is now a standard product, where every year thousands of lovers buy new sex dolls around the world.

Even more surprising is that even not have to worry about charging. Taking care of some sex toys is definitely affordable compared to paying for some partners. This makes it possible to host these funny dolls at surprisingly low prices. Good reason to purchase realistic sex dolls.

Are you looking forward to expanding your sexual horizons? Need something to control you while maintaining your privacy? If so, no other accessory can better serve your sex drive than silicone dolls.

sex doll

With the sex dolls is the same, you can clean enough for an individual use continuously, but it is not recommended sharing because it is very complicated, due to the porous material, a hygienic or antibacterial cleaning 100% effective and who says what else, it just lies and therefore can not be a product of sharing in a publicly accessible location.

Well, thanks to the variety of products offered, you can realize all your adult fantasies without involving the real partner. Nowadays, more and more people are interested in using realistic sex dolls because their benefits are many. Not only do they help to satisfy sexual desires, they also contribute a lot to psychological growth.