Sex toys in China have actually spread since ancient times

Yintuozi, Xuanyuhuan and Burmese, have you ever heard of these terms? They often appear in books such as Xuan Nv Jing and Jade House Secrets, which are Ximen Qing’s standing items. These things are actually the tools used by the ancient houses, and they are also popular “sex toys” since the Han Dynasty.

Today we will talk to you about what props people used to support in the rain and rain in ancient times.

According to historical records, as early as the Eastern Han Dynasty, there was already a sexology seminar hosted by the emperor himself. This seminar was equivalent to the official organization of the court. The discussion mainly focused on the sexual affairs of men and women, and the development and use of tools.

The seminar is usually held in “Baiyong”, which is the ancient aristocratic high school. After completing the private lessons of male noble children, they will go to the “boarding high school”-Piyong, and continue to study the four books, five classics and six arts. In the old conception of the young and old, the father could not directly teach the son’s house-building technique. This part of the content needed a teacher of “Baiyong” to inculcate.

How important is the teaching of this part? If it is an aristocrat who has not received this education, he will be extremely embarrassed in the feudal society where he pays particular attention to.

For example, Li Tang, the nobleman Xue Wanche, and Tang Taizong Li Shimin married his sister Danyang to the Xue family. As a result, Xue Wanche was very dumb in intercourse, and Princess Danyang was so angry that he would not stay in bed with him for several months. After hearing about it, Taizong deliberately hosted a table party and invited his brother-in-law to come over, and explained the essentials at the banquet.

Housekeeping naturally includes housekeeping appliances. In terms of categories, housekeeping appliances in ancient times were similar to modern ones, and were roughly divided into “external use” and “internal use”.

Let’s talk about the “xiandan” that is taken internally.

Crazy fascination with aphrodisiac must start with Tianzi. History books say that emperors who particularly love alchemy, such as Emperor Qin Shizhuang, Emperor Tang Xuanzong, and Emperor Jiajing, sought to live forever. But in fact, most of the elixir they formulate is actually to nourish the body with excessive libido.

Looking at the names of these miracles, you know why there is no “cultivated land in this world, there are only dead cows.” “Sanyidan”, “Yixiaosan”, “Guoyanshengjiao”, “Spirit Turtle Shows Potential”, “Dried Miao Xiyu”. It’s no wonder why these emperors who love alchemy never stopped choosing their concubines in the harem.

Some elixir prescriptions have been passed down to the present, and most of them contain cloves and sulfur. These things can play a role similar to Red Bull (Red Bull also contains sulfur), but the role is only refreshing. Therefore, we advise you not to try lightly. Alchemy is not the only emperor who has made himself die.
The Emperor Jiajing who refined his life

After talking about taking it internally, let’s take a look at what are the “sex toys” for external use?

The first is Yin Tuozi, which can be said to have the highest appearance rate in “Jin Ping Mei”. It is worn almost every time when Xi Menqing and his six wives walk in the room.

“Looking back on Ximen Qing’s supine pillow, she slept thickly and couldn’t wake up. With the words on her waist, she had a caregiver, tired and long, and she didn’t feel her sensuality. She put down the candlestick and twiddled her with her hand.

According to the book, the role of the silver holder is roughly to increase the hardness of the tool. However, according to the actual object handed down, there are doubts about this thing, and it is believed that this object is not a silver bracket.

Qing dynasty

“By the side of the pleated gauze, take out the obscene bag, put on the silver holder, and tie the root with a sulfur ring.”

In addition to Yin Tuozi, there is also a “prop” that Ximen Qing often uses-the sulfur circle. This sulfur ring has two uses, one is to cover the roots, hold the vas deferens and meridians, and play a delayed role. The other is to put it on the head, reducing the sensitivity of the man, and it will also be accompanied by a “high ridged meat thorn”, which is quite like a modern condom.

Sulfur ring

However, this thing is more brittle due to craftsmanship. During Pan Jinlian’s trouble with the grape rack, it broke, and almost scared Ximen Qing.

“I only heard a bang, and folded a sulphur circle inside. The woman was stunned, hersed slightly, her tongue was cold, her limbs closed on the feast.”

Besides Mian Ling, this thing is very obvious when looking at the picture, a sex toy for women. But don’t think it is just two balls, the craft is very delicate. Although Mian Ling’s body is small, once heated, it will keep vibrating. This imported baby was not common in the Song Dynasty. It was worth five or two silvers (approximately 2,000 yuan now), and the top one was worth hundreds of gold, not even Pan Jinlian. (No matter what age, the price of this product is the same.)

“This object is called Mianling. It came out of the southern Miandian kingdom, and it is worth four or five silver. It is wonderful to put him in the furnace first, and then act.”

Silver Burmese Bell

In addition to these house tools, men and women acted in ancient times and were good at using everything. Bundles, S & M and other gameplays, as well as various teaching materials, are by no means uncommon in various novel picture books.

“On one side, she took off the woman’s red embroidered shoes, and untied his two feet, tied her feet, and hung them on the grape stands on both sides.”

Adapted from the ballet song and dance “Lian” from “Jin Ping Mei”

“Take out the twenty-four solutions to the idea of ​​spring, put it under the lamp, and act like that.”