How do you store your dolls?


To protect your companion dolls and make sure they can be used for a long time,there are certain requirements for the storage space.a good doll storage environment can preventing the aging of her silicon skin, internal parts,and extend her life greatly.

Very important

The doll must have baby powder or talcum powder put on the skin.that will protect the skin from oil and dust.after being play with her please put her back in her original factory position,this posture is best for storage to protect her beautiful silicon skin.

1、prevent long- time exposure to the sun

Direct sun bathing should be avoided because the silicon’s color will fade slightly after the long time sun exposure.

2、prevent dust sticking

dust should be avoided because there is stickiness and static electricity on the silicon’s surface,when the doll is placed,please make all effort to prevent the dust from falling on it to avoid the inconvenience of extra cleaning.

3、avoid dampness

moist environment should be avoided because the inside of the doll filled with sponge which will absorb water in a wet is fine to wipe or bath the doll with water,but soaking the doll in water for a long time will cause permanent damage.please do not pour water into the section of the neck where there is mental,this will cause permanent damage.the doll’s inside is stuffed with sponge,once water gets inside,it is hard for the doll to dry out.

4、prevent surface staining

please don’t put the doll on any artificial leather or dyed leather surfaces for long,for the color of the oil-soluble pigment contained in these kinds of objects for more than two hours,serious color changing will appear and the color that will seep inside it is very difficult to be eradicated.

5、pay attention to the storage temperature

too high or too low beyond room temperature both should be avoided,silicon cannot be put in too low or too high an environment for a long time,please keep the storage environment temperature between 5-35 degree C/40-95 degree F,in winter,an electric blanket can be used warm the doll,but be sure the that its temperature is not too high.

6、prevent the doll from being squeezed

please avoid compressing your sex doll when she is stored away,long term compressing will distort the sponge and silicon,please don’t put heavy objects on the doll,please avoid squeezing or tightening any prats of the doll for a long time.

7、keep the doll in a posture free from external force

when placed,the doll should be kept in an unfolded posture,being bent or squeezed for a long time will result in cracks and folds forming in the silicon.

8、this is not a toy

please don’t place the doll in places that children can access her,this product is not children’s toy,please prevent children from coming int contact with her.