Sex dolls can fill the void you created

Being aware of being accompanied is a potential relief.In fact, we have been looking for companions since childhood.Although the silicone sex doll is silent, it gives new meaning to him. When you believe they are listening, your complaint is valuable.

How does the void comes when we neglect ourselves, we deprive ourselves of what we need: attention, consideration, care, support, assurance, connection, encouragement and love.

Then we tend to help others. We mistakenly believe that only the pain we experience can soothe or heal.People cannot fill the emptiness we create by depriving ourselves of our ability to take care of ourselves.

Others can support us from time to time and boost us, but they simply can’t do it for us because their efforts are emptied.Sometimes when we don’t like ourselves, we don’t understand why others like us. When we don’t like ourselves and someone praises us, we don’t believe them. We think they are lying to us, or they are just treating us well.

There are many things that rely on emotions. Their company in difficult times can help you resist loneliness and grow brightly.

There are not so many fairy tale endings in life, but there are many such absurd plots. A similar story sounds a bit ridiculous, and most people’s three views are incompatible. But in the face of these “strange people,” we can be more friendly and understanding.Although those silicone real dolls are fake, their companions are real.