Differences between sex dolls and real people

In recent years, due to the increasing pressure of people to survive, many people have not found a suitable partner when they reach the age of marriage or dating. With the increasing number of single men and women, it is difficult for this group of people to meet their physiological needs. Therefore, some people choose some sex toys like inflatable dolls in order to be able to solve their personal needs in daily life. Is there any difference between a realistic sex doll and a real person?

If you don’t know so much about sex dolls, you will definitely have such questions. In fact, this product is modeled after the human body, and the product has a very close structure to the human body. When most people choose an inflatable doll, it is often to meet their actual needs. Few people can really explore the difference between it and real people. If you analyze it in depth, you can find that there are indeed some differences between this kind of sex toys and real people.

For example, some ordinary sex doll have no body temperature, and it is impossible to carry out actual emotional communication. However, as the market for such products continues to develop, more and more high-tech products are incorporated, and some products that can change body temperature and produce sound have appeared. And such products are often different from real skin in terms of material selection. Too much difference. Whether it is the feel or touch, it is very soft and very close to real people.
If there are any advantages over sex doll compared to real people, it is that it can give people a more satisfying experience. Many users are particularly satisfied with this. This is also an important reason for the rapid development of such sex toys.

When choosing a real doll, several things should be considered

The needs of life and emotion have made the realistic sex doll market better and better. In recent years, it has become a classic choice among many adult products. Judging from the processing of real dolls on the market today, it meets the needs of many users. So how do you generally choose? Learn some basic selection knowledge.

Material: If you want to get a comfortable enjoyment from the real doll, of course the material requirements are relatively high. In recent years, the processing and design technology of dolls has been continuously advanced and developed, and the discovery of various new materials has also made up for the lack of feeling in the past. Speaking of materials, naturally, silica gel is the best. Silica gel gives people a more delicate feeling, more similar to the touch of a real person, and can stimulate emotional needs.

Design: The design of the real doll determines whether it can meet the needs of users, whether it is the design of the facial features or the design of the limbs, it is about the golden ratio. As users demand for real dolls, there are more and more styles in design, such as loli type, royal sister type and next-door sister type, etc. You can choose according to your own preferences when choosing. Who is fine and flexible.

Function: The function of the tpe sex doll is also where users need it, and this can be taken into consideration when choosing. Over the years, the functional design of real dolls has changed quite a lot, such as sound and body temperature are all newly added designs in recent years. Of course, there are some other functions, you can consider yourself when choosing to see if it meets your needs and choose high-quality dolls.

Are ‘real dolls’ more than a toy?

When we face difficulties, embarrassment, and unknown, everyone around you reminds you to be more sophisticated, more mature, and more independent. You can’t help but shrink, cowardice, and doubt.

And when we project bravery and self-confidence on an object, we can hypnotize ourselves. As long as we accompany and depend on each other, we can find hope and love, even if we are hurt, we can see the distance. That silicone doll is such a thing.You will know yourself more in getting along with realistic sex dolls.

  1. First of all, its interior is not inflated but solid, and there is no such thing as an inflatable sex doll entity. Only full-size sex dolls can bring the best experience.
  2. The touch feel is comparable to that of real people. The skin’s complexion and delicate luster are also the same as those of a real person.
  3. Because of the structure, the lure real doll is also easy to clean. It can be washed, washed, drenched or sprinkled.
  4. All joints of the real doll are made of TPE material with alloy mechanical support inside, so that they can change posture and experience more happiness.

Is the silicone sex doll out of the need for sex and companionship?

The role of sex dolls is not only in sex, but also in the meaning of companionship. Simply called sex toys or sex dolls, there is a manifestation of defiled dolls. It is undeniable that physical dolls can solve people’s normal physiological needs and give people the pleasure of sex. The appearance of the physical doll itself is similar to that of a real person. This is also the function of the doll to achieve real-life companionship. For autistic or single men, it can give psychological comfort. So it is not only a sex toy, but also a human partner.

Silicone dolls are the product of a person’s fantasy. Some people cannot get the ideal effect in the real emotional life. They hope to use physical dolls to achieve psychological satisfaction, because the real dolls will not resist, be angry, or make trouble with you unreasonably. Compared with the savage girlfriend in reality, the doll is more quiet.

But the doll will not replace the real person, but it can achieve part of the emotional satisfaction, repair the pain, and repair the loss of part of the psychological desire.

There is feedback between people’s real emotions, that is, I have emotions for you, and you have emotions for me. Realistic sex doll, it can’t feedback its emotion, or the feedback of this emotion is only imagined by the user.

When you have a sex doll

For many people at present, their current sex life may not be very satisfactory, which often has various reasons, such as being unable to solve all sexual needs when they are single, or their partners are not As expected, in short, for whatever reason, these unmet needs will also greatly affect our own daily happiness and happiness, and for many people, sex toys may also be a pretty good choice. To a large extent, it can supplement us and bring us happiness. Among them, the most recognized is the inflatable dolls that we all know. So if you really own an inflatable doll, how will your life change?

Inflatable sex dolls can also effectively reduce the number of unsafe sex. For many people, without the aid of sex toys, the daily sexual needs can not be met. To a large extent, this also allows the possibility of spreading the germs that other people may carry. As an existence living in modern life, paying attention to safety should also be something that everyone must do daily, And if you have a fun and easy-to-use inflatable sex doll, you can carry out various daily activities within a safe range, not only to get pleasure, but also to ensure safety from the source.

You can divorce when you are bored with your partner. But have you ever wondered what happens when the owner of a real doll gets tired? Since they have actual dimensions, getting rid of them may be worth the adventure of the Dexter plot.

At the same time, the design of the tpe sex doll also allows each character to choose the type of sex they like, and achieve sexual satisfaction through different ways, which is also a very convenient thing for people.

Want to add fun to your sex life?

If you want to add fun to your sex life, you can consider introducing sex toys or realistic sex dolls. However, it can be a bit awkward to express your desires to your partner. You may be afraid of hurting your partner’s self-esteem-after all, no one wants to give people the impression that they are unsatisfied in bed. You may also be nervous about expressing your sexual needs or embarrassed by your curiosity. Trying to try something new in bed, including sex toys, does not mean your sex life is boring.

This just means that when you want to please yourself and your partner, you are willing to explore (no pun intended), which is not wrong. When you want to try it, sex toys or silicone sex doll are a good start. One of the easiest ways to add fun to your sex life is to introduce sex toys. “All you need is a cynical attitude and a little imagination. Sex toys can enhance your sex life in many ways.

Couples who talk about sex life are more satisfied with sex life, and adding toys to sex life can increase The degree of mutual trust. “So, if you are interested in adding a sex toy or real sex doll to sex, here are some ways to make you feel less embarrassed when you reach a new orgasm with your partner. More pleasurable stimulation.Alleviate performance anxiety, especially for your first time of sex.Control your ejaculation and increase stamina.She will always obey all your fantasies and fetishes.

Adult dolls are truly realistic beauties

You can find people using these dolls at a large scale, nowadays. Even though, making use of sex dolls were considered as a taboo due to some disgrace related with them, in the past. The pleasure that people become able to get by using these dolls is really amazing. These dolls have become very famous among both men and women due to wonderful sexual pleasure they are giving to them. Majority of men are now availing the benefits of sex doll to fulfill their sexual fantasies to the fullest. That is why they are embracing such dolls at a large scale. Men are now realizing the advantages they can get from love dolls.

Adult dolls are truly realistic beauties and men wants to enjoy most out of the experience by using them. Stylish silicone love dolls for men is hot topic of the town. People are now looking crazy about making purchase of these dolls. Silicone made sex dolls are one of the best choices existing in the market, these days. In case, you have decided to purchase such dolls, you can buy them from any of your local sex toy store. Apart from it, there are also some renowned online stores that can help you getting what you are mainly looking out for.

In the same way, there will also come a point in time when you will have to let your much loved sex toy go. Although, real dolls are the most durable products in the market, still there comes a time when it will not be as new as it used to be. When such time comes, you would have to find to get rid of your doll or recycle her carefully. There are many people who normally feel embarrassed about recycling or disposing their sex toys but in actual they should not be. If you are mindful about the impact of disposing of your sex toy on the environment, you should look the right ways to dispose them. There are many easy things that one can do to keep the environment safe.

mini sex doll

Generally, there are some designated places by the municipalities of some developed countries where people can throw away their dumps. To dispose your love doll, you just need to pack your doll and leave it there to be taken to the landfill. In case, you do not find local dump a perfect option for you then you can put your doll in the normal trash pickup. When you are considering putting your doll in the normal garbage pickup, it would be wise to partly dissemble your real doll and put her parts carefully in a thick or non-transparent black garbage bags.

Realistic sex doll in a very real way

Everyone has their own opinions on beautiful and exciting things. These sex dolls are made of high quality silicone or TPE. There are two options to give it a skin-like feel and allow men to perform joint movements in a very real way. Thanks also to the metal structures they present as skeletons. The first choice for buying silicone sex dolls is to determine which model is the most interesting.

No time to lose looking for good girls.It’s hard to find the right girl in real life, and many people look for girls online. But it has never been easier. You must be prepared to be rejected multiple times. Of course, the girl you actually see may not be as pretty as a doll.

Sex dolls won’t hurt your head-no drama.You can never understand the girl’s thoughts. They are a little bit of Mars. They can provide millions more than you think. Realistic Sex dolls don’t do this. They are calm and nice to you. Lifelike sex dolls are the culmination of today’s cutting-edge technology and the ultimate source of entertainment and enjoyment without harming the feelings of others. A few years ago, it was difficult to buy these real sex dolls. But things have changed, and there are many online stores today to help you choose the perfect love doll freely. When you decide to buy a product through the online store, you can enjoy more discounts and extra benefits.

Gender relations are plain

In summary, just 3 keywords
1: Sexual value (your face value, figure, dress, and sex harmony, etc.)
2: Economic value (your education, job, income, development space, RV, family, etc.)
3: Emotional value (your temperament, gentle and considerate, kind and sensible, willing to pay for each other, think for each other, do nothing when things go wrong, the two can communicate well. Have spiritual level of communication, interests, hobbies, etc.) Love, at least two harmony. If all three are in harmony, there are other minor issues. Oh my god, is it a perfect match? Stop picking it up. If any 2 are in harmony, 1 is not in harmony. This may be a true portrayal of many couples. Although bumpy, they can go on. But if two of them are not harmonious, it will be a bit difficult. May fall into a state of “frequent quarrel” and finally break up.

Marriage is not all their lives, but each have their own career, hobby, ideal, support each other in such a relationship, even no sex but silicone sex doll both sides to live out the self. In the end, be a better myself. Christopher meng in “intimacy” the answer: “What we need is to encourage us to surpass oneself partner, we are looking for is can stimulate the meaning and direction in life, and when we tested, give us help of interpersonal relationship, which is” soul relations “. Because the real purpose of an intimate relationship, not to give and receive love each other, but is to let you find your real journey, let you know that you are always looking for love.

Another very important advantage of real sex doll love is that it can reduce a person’s loneliness at night. You know, people are most likely to feel lonely at night, especially when the entire glasses, noise, work, and organization of daily life ends. Then, a lonely person often starts thinking, becoming sad, depressed, and unable to find peace. He wasted the empty bed next to him and missed a sweet word or hug while he was asleep.

How to resolve sexual desire differences in sexual relationships

Differences in desire can severely affect a relationship, such as when one partner consistently has a higher (or lower) sexual desire than another. Others of us may just experience various fluctuations in sexual desire in our lives, and these fluctuations do not always coincide with the sexual desire or interests of our partners.

Perform different sexual or sensual activities without necessarily being penetrating. For example, participants described ways to try different sexual activities, such as oral sex, manual stimulation, masturbating realistic sex dolls together, or trying to get themselves or their partners into emotions. Some participants in this category also stated that they choose to maintain a close relationship with a partner without having to have sex with a partner, such as hugging or holding hands.

By staying in touch, talking with our partner about our sexual interest even real sex doll (or lack of sexual interest), why this is the case, and making joint decisions about how and when to have sexual activity in the future will lead to the greatest opportunity for sexual fulfillment. These strategies can even make couples closer and more connected, even if they do not eventually have sex.