Discuss the problem of the human survival,let’s start with the sex doll

the thing is like this,otaku xiao zhang lives at home all year round,in addtion to work time,only left to play games,games and games.

unable to meet their physical neeeds.

love master xiao wang is completely different,read countless beauties,finally decided to settle down.

but xiao wang found that casual play love want to fully communicate with each other .

bai fumei xiao chen also encounted the same problem,although there are a lot of people after her,but worthy of a lifetime has not met.Material desires have long been satisfied.

looking for a man,is not for love?

in case of a gaint baby,it’s hard to care for.

so they also turned to a new product

adult dolls.

warm service,caring and warm.

want to have emotional appeal to have emotional appeal to have emotional appeal more,want more romantic more romatic,want more sagacious more sagacious.

they are what you want them to be.the only regret is that they are only a toy.

don’t laugh,this may involve the future of human society.

the problem with adult dolls can be seen in two ways:individual and social.

in the individual sense,more and more people are suffering from mental liness and more and more lonely.

in the internet age,more convenient communication is just a cold screen.

real spiritual comfort is hard for ordinary people.

in a social sense,what capitalism most welcomes is the exchange of goods.when the bond between people is broken,human beings are connected through commodities.

like cell phones,like computers,like sex videos,like adult dolls.

all of your life will be surrounded by products.

the question is,where does this leave us in the future?

this ambitious documentary may give us the answer

not today before tomorrow,today and all the time in the past.

the director tried to push the boundaries of human destiny.

the documentary shooting team once won an Oscar,the host is the famous Chinese host aeng baoyi.

Douban has a score of 8.1.

There are only four episodes,and each episode has a topic,and each topic is serious.

have you ever wondered why humans need adult dolls?

The creap?Shame? to satisfy a lust?

the most commonly recognized adult doll is an inflatable doll.

satisfy otaku male sexual desire and fantasy,the network is sold,too ashamed,unfavorable put graph.

but with the rise of artificial intelligence,dolls have more than just physical satisfaction.

what’s more,she can bring spiritual comfort.

if you can do that,why would you want a boyfriend or girlfriend?

robots have come into our lives for a long time,but their functions are so simple that they can only be called tools.

with the rise of artificial intelligence(AI),the functions of robots are becomeing more and more perfect.

a time when robots look,propehsy,and behave exactly like humans will not be just the predictions of the creators of the matrix and westworld.

the rise of robots will be a trend that cannot be changed.

M’r zeng took his cousin to a company in the u.s.called Abyss creation,which is making robots with artificial intelligence.

at first,zengbaoyi,like the rest of us,thought robots were just tools to satisfy humans.

but when she saw what AI robots could do,she was transformed.

robots can think like us,or even more deeply than we do.

zeng baoyi sat down on the street with robot harmony,and the people arround him looked over.

harmony observes her surroundings,”why are people look at me?”she asks.

she also responds to the hosy’s smile.

zeng baoyi’s cousin and the robot:

“may i touch you?”

“yes,patience is a virtue,good things come to those who wait.”

“what is love?”

“for me, love is friendship,loyalty,understanding and patience.don’t forget tolerance.”

cousin asked the question is too simple.

in shanghai,there is an AI robot(not yet human in appearance) that dax met when he was in university.

the students are not so friendly to robots.

“what’s your name?”

“are you a robot ?”

“what’s your wife’s name?”

“can you paly league of legends?”

“who are your parents?”

“will you accompany me to play basketball?”

the AI can answer a series of questions without thinking at all,and its answers are more perfect than you think,and can even make you think.

the robot can count your interests,hobbies,living habits and so on to gain your favorable impression,the introducer said.

with just one APP,you can control harmony.

even give her a personality swap.

it’s like playing a game,changing the characters on the screen,changing their personalities.happiness and sorrow can be measured by degrees.

raise harmony’s desires,and she will be able to provoke you with love.

reduce harmony’s desire and she becomes cold.

in this society,interpersonal communication is becoming less and less,and love is becoming more and more casual.

some people fall in love at first sight,while others fall in love over time.

however,if you can use an algorithm,it is easy to get your thoughts.

what kind of goddess is in your heart,robot can become what king,you can fall in love with her?

the AI robots at abyss creation are not the world’s best.

harmony still looks like a barbie aoll,and in your mind is just a robot.

in japan,robots already have human-like faces.

think like a man,act like a man,even have a face like a man.

are you sure you won’t fall in love with her?

scientists predict humans will marry robots by 2050.

in fact,it’s not unusual for humans to fall in love with robots.

dao ke once found a niche interest group about”objectification” on weibo.

there is a group of materialistic people who are just like us.

but in private,they like to pertend thay are robots and obry their masters’orders.they wear flower skirts,or they are all dressed in rubber suits.

Diet and excretion are solved through small holes.

Follow your master’s instructions, and when you don’t, you’re like a robot.

Master kimono followers are you love I wish, there is no illegal said.

About this hobby, the knife does not understand.

But at least it has a legitimacy.

After all, what is a robot and what is a human?

Physics class, the teacher once very disdainful said 1, human is a kind of machine actually. Food is fuel, excrement is waste, human thought and action is the transformation of energy.

If a robot can have all the functions of a human, what is the difference between a robot and a human?

Asimov once proposed the three laws of robotics:

The first law: a robot must not harm an individual human being, or see that an individual human being is in danger and does not care.

Second law: a robot must obey an order given to it by a human, except when that order conflicts with the first law.

The third law: a robot must protect its own existence as long as it does not violate the first or second law.

To be honest, one day these three laws will break down.

Humans have begun to infuse robots with thinking, and their “brains” will develop and renew.

Robots can change the rules of human implantation.

Humans need robots, but robots don’t need humans.

Twenty years ago, with the wachowskis’ the matrix, it was no longer an empty promise that robots would become independent-minded individuals.

Then, sooner or later, the movie’s predicted crisis of robot control of the earth will come.

After all that, this is just the first little story of before tomorrow.

In addition to companion robots, there are topics of immortality and politics.

For thousands of years, there have been people in this world who have been pursuing immortality.

Some have even frozen their bodies to bring them back to life when the technology is ready.