The First Virtual Intimacy System – Your Virtual Girlfriend

Almost all forms of sexual technology can be used for treatment, and at the beginning of the invention of sex dolls, it can be used to solve some sexual addiction problems at that time. Modern technology is no exception, although they are not intended for this purpose, but a series of sexual technologies that have been invented for treatment have made it the biggest selling point.

Obviously from history we have come to the conclusion that traditional intimacy is not suitable for all people. If the relationship breaks down, some people’s relationship will not be improved. Although the solid sex doll is difficult to replace the real human, but under some circumstances , they don’t have to bear the failure and frustration from real life. This is like a combination of virtual real dolls and real emotions. It has the advantages of doing the same thing, but it also abandons the shortcomings of the real doll’s size, weight…

The system offers realistic virtual partner gaming and versatile hardware to deliver an exciting interactive immersive experience. Compatible with most PCs, laptops, mobile devices and VR headsets, Virtual Mate comes in a variety of modes including Quick Mode, Story Mode and VR Mode, allowing you to play your own way. This system can help solve intimate problems and make them easy to get along with their partners in an intimate environment. On the other hand, he can also help people learn how to get along with real people.

Spice up your sex life

We all talk about sex in one way or another. Everywhere you turn around, it’s about sex. In the office, all your colleagues dress sexy and wear high heels. There are girls in the bar who look at you like they’re eating you right now. Everywhere you look, the temptations are there! It’s hard for a man to live in a world where he’s surrounded by sexy women, especially when he’s shy. Are you single or shy or do you just have to spice up your sex life?

These realistic sex doll could be a nice companion for your bedtime no matter how much you much you are excited to get a comfort orgasm. When you insert your penis deep into her orifices it will be enough to drive you to play some different moves while planning for some more wild strokes. Her every beautifully and cleanly designed hole promotes you to try something unique to make you feel satisfied. Penetrating her every real-looking hole provokes your intense sex desire.

Unlike real women, life-size sex dolls will not complain you about pain no matter how intensely you insert your penis in their any orifices. Having an intercourse with lifelike sex doll will give you an unmatched experience. So, feel free to go beyond any limits and restrictions to please your sexual urges. The premium quality materials like silicone are used in the making of these realistic adult dolls. Thus, it’s quite possible to find these dolls in a look that resembles with a real woman with deep mouth, anus and vagina.

real doll

Realistic sex dolls pay attention to details, even the fine lines of the skin, the hair is very realistic. If it’s a high simulation, it feels more comfortable when it feels like it’s touching. Is not it easier for a real person to arouse sexual love? Although we know that the price of true-to-life life-size love dolls is definitely a little more expensive than the price of ordinary inflatable dolls, is not it the best reward if we can enjoy sex?

Halloween Doll Makeup- You’ll need..

It’s very easy to create Halloween love doll makeup and clothing, and it won’t cost more than buying new clothes for dolls. It can be done with some makeup, old clothes and props, of course, these can be flexibly chosen according to the props you have.

  • False eyelashes

You can buy exaggerated large eyelashes as upper eyelashes in the Halloween store, then buy a light eyelash as the lower eyelashes.

  • Eyelash glue

Although most mascara contains glue, the mascara in mascara won’t stay all day. You need to buy extra mascara to make your exaggerated big eyelashes not fall from your real doll all day. Of course, it is best to buy black, if you can’t get black mascara, it doesn’t matter.

  • Liquid liner, White eye liner

Black and white eyeliner can help you get the lines you want.

  • Clothing (any piece of clothing)

I hope that you are inspired now, you can prepared to dress up this Halloween and celebrate this weird but super fun holiday!

Maybe you can also prepare curlers and hair straighteners for your realistic sex doll. Some hair styling products, or more makeup products such as lipstick, blush, eye shadow and other makeup brushes are good choices. It can help improve the clothing, but even without them, the appearance will be great.

Realistic Sex Doll Owners Ⅵ-Emotional sustenance,Love is irrelevant

A recent study clearly shows that real doll sex life promotes heart health and stress relief compared to normal sex life. This makes it difficult for men to find the way that suits them best.

A man goes out with an lifelike sex doll every day, eats, and even travels with it. When he first learned that he was ill, he suffered from mild depression. Thanks to this bought partner, his painful life has a new emotional sustenance.

The doll is used as a partner involved in every moment of everyday life, like enjoying a family breakfast together or spending a night watching TV. Even if the other person is a “doll doll” that does not speak, at a deeper level, this also expresses a kind of fragility and uneasiness of people’s emotions – they are afraid of being hurt.

  • Single men cured autism because of the relationship with love dolls

Before “The City of Philharmonic,” one of the many films starring Ryan Gosling had a movie about special distorted love. The taciturn of Russ’s obsession with inflatable dolls may be considered a mental illness in many people’s eyes. Who can think of such a “tool” that seems to be abnormal in many people’s eyes, gradually opening up the dusty seal Long heart window. We are also very fortunate to see that the unfortunate Lass eventually went to a beautiful ending full of hope.

The development trend of sex dolls

Sex dolls continue to grow as demand for them grows and some of the most demanding conditions come with them. For example, some people require the sex doll to have a very beautiful appearance and hot body, but also require the doll’s skin to feel like a real person’s skin, both smooth and elastic, so the doll in the process of development, need to continue to improve, so as to be able to meet these requirements.

The appearance of the doll, solved the physiological demand of people, and also good for social security, a lot of people want to abreact their desire when, can use the doll. life-size real doll is the same size as a real person, so it is more popular among men. The development of sex dolls indicates that there is a growing demand for dolls, and only those dolls with a high standard can stand out from others. It and the ordinary inflatable doll is not the same, mainly because it has its own unique use experience, she has even reached the perfect state.

In the future, the doll material will be improved to some extent, so that when people touch it, it will feel like the skin of a real person, which is more delicate and elastic than the skin of a real person. The future development of the sex doll depends on more high-tech, with the help of these high-tech, this doll material USES some chemical synthesis materials, so it can bring the public a better use experience.
The sex doll has a built-in precious metal skeleton that can be positioned in various positions and functions, and the doll can also stand up for various operations. The smart model can also be charged and heated, so that the doll has a temperature all over the body, feel softer and real, and feel more like a real person.

tpe sex doll

In addition to addressing our physical needs, the sex doll can also serve as a companion for us. What is happy and unhappy in life, can be told to the love doll, no longer what is hidden in the heart, the doll is the best listener. In my spare time, can go out with the doll to take photos and record the details of the doll’s life. When you take care of the doll as a girlfriend or wife, you will feel the charm brought by the doll. The doll is no worse than the real person in every aspect, and you deserve the real sex doll.

The sex doll improve the sex life of men

Real doll have come as a fine alternative to improve the sex life of men. These realistic dolls are excellent when it comes to allowing individuals to explore the sexual intercourse in the optimum possible way. Gone are the days when more and more people opted for the practice of masturbation in order to fulfill their varied sexual desires. These products in the form of realistic love dolls are amazing when it comes to providing individuals with a wonderful opportunity to enjoy even the sexual intercourse.

The sex doll industry stays to be one of the most unique exchanges right now, with long stretches of transformation and headway. At first, sex dolls were viewed as an unthinkable, and there was some type of disgrace related to utilizing and discussing them out in the open. In any case, the ‘dim days’ are finished and individuals are beginning to value the advantages of these delight dolls. The nature of the sex dolls has likewise significantly improved after some time based on what was unappealing and fake to what is currently sensible and life-size.

Every part of these dolls – be it a vaginal area, boobs or big ass are very clear and look very realistic. The cool features, high quality material and the flexibility of carrying them anywhere else you want make them a most in-demand adult toy item. Not only are they perfect to give your horny desires an ultimate treat, but life-like love dolls also help to say good bye to the feeling of loneliness.

realistic sex doll

Of course, although these sex dolls all made by the top-grade quality material. But there will always be some wear in places that are often rubbed, such as knees, vagina, face and buttocks, especially the vagina. If with a replaceable vagina, then can easy solve this problem, a replaceable vagina also can provide you a more convenient clean and maintain experience, for some people who like sex without condom, replaceable vagina is a good choice.

Realistic Sex Doll Owners Ⅰ- Companionship

There is no doubt that the origin of sex dolls comes from this. However, in our emotional composition, it is also inseparable from companionship. When we are children, we have all kinds of teddy bears, robot models, anime dolls, and we will talk to them and think that they are living entities. Although this companion is still indispensable to life as we grow older, it is what we have been pursuing.

It is as if we will have pets, love, marriage, and close relationships with the outside world, from dolls to animals , people then to dolls,again. There is no denying the importance of companionship.

When we feel lonely, especially in the real society, the reduction or intimacy of intimate relationships, as well as the limitations of the circle of interest in the life circle, there are many lonely old people who are in need of companionship.

About a 60-year-old man and his six silicone girls. He bought six TPE sex dolls to be used as daughters to raise them. The old man spent more than $10,000 on these dolls, and the six “daughters” had more than 200 sets of clothes. And he does not exceed ten sets. The loneliness of the old man can indeed be alleviated by the doll. Although these love dolls are silent, they give new meaning to him with flesh and blood. When you believe that they are listening, your statement is valuable.

Otakus members of the modern community are often “strange” in terms of sex and find it difficult to express themselves to humans.

In Japan, a new “variety” has appeared in recent years, called “herbivore.” These men have given up on traditional male characteristics, such as competitiveness and decisiveness, preferring a leisurely life. As a result, these new men’s waves chose the realistic sex doll as a romantic companion.

Men who are tired of interpersonal relationships because of constant quarrels and disagreements have chosen the path of the dolls.

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  1. Realistic Sex Doll Owners Ⅱ-Replicas of dead lovers

Sex doll give you better experience of sex

When night fell, they came home from work, opened the door of the house, waiting for him is not his wife, but a few sex dolls sitting on the sofa, feel particularly satisfied. Do you think this will give you a better experience of sex than the real girl due to the shape, cuteness, softness of the skin. These dolls are also fun on their own so you can turn the beauty into reality.

silicone sex doll

These love dolls are made to a great deal of taste and with the silicone that is said to look like human skin. You can also choose these Real Dolls in shape, appearance, size and weight. These sex dolls can be carried in the suitcase from one place to another. Once you have enjoyed these dolls, you will really forget the real girls, even if they are not in the right shape, and this will make you enjoy these adult dolls.

After the bath, the sex doll owners rub talcum powder on their skin to make it feel better. Take them to bed and tell them all about the day, and the doll will listen to you quietly, and hold them to sleep when it is time to go to bed. While the love doll can’t talk to them or go shopping with them, she sits quietly. She will not grow fat, she will not grow old, she will always look as beautiful as she did when she first knew her, and she will never lie or cheat or hurt their feelings as real people do.

This is exactly what real doll lovers want, they need loyalty and hate betrayal. All sex doll lovers have different stories, but behind their choice is a social fear that everyone can easily find around them. In spite of this, those who buy real sex dolls of girls are rightly labelled “sexual perverts”. Real dolls of girls belong to adult products, and they are normal to use. And, in some ways, dolls are better than real people. Dolls are more satisfying than real people.

Sex doll and sexual culture relationship

Talking about the trend of the sex doll industry, the development of the sex products market and other topics, we have to talk about the development of sexual culture, because these two have an inseparable relationship, can be said to be complementary and complementary, mutual development, but also closely related, the rise and fall of the relationship.

The development of the love doll industry and even the whole sex products industry cannot be separated from the popularization and development of sex culture. Without the drive of the latter, no matter how well the relevant manufacturers and enterprises do the sex products, it is of no help. After all, it is the most important thing whether consumers buy them or not.

Male and female dolls are available in adult stores. Different from children’s dolls, the toy is made of silica gel or plastic to imitate the human body structure. The volume of the solid is close to the adult size. The solid is soft and elastic. Male and female physiological conditions are different, often cause male and female orgasm time is different, at this time can be used as a prelude to sexual love or sexual love after the sex is still unsatisfied auxiliary appliances, achieve harmony and perfect;

real doll

In the next 10 years, the real doll will completely replace the other half and become the “perfect lover”, saving the earth more than 30 million older single men, helping them release pressure, get out of the trouble of “single dog”, and live a more relaxed, healthy and youthful life. It is applicable to the elderly living alone and the empty-nesters. The market prospect is huge, and the elderly living alone and empty-nesters will also be the biggest beneficiaries.

The development of sexual culture is the biggest and only pillar of the trend of real sex doll industry and the trend of sex products industry. Only developmental culture, universal knowledge, improve sexual awareness, enhance people open attitude towards sex, out of the talk about the idea of sexual color change, such as tiger beast and error, can let the baby industry and show vitality, the industry as a whole sex products and related industries to flourish, will feedback consumers, make people produce more healthy, more rational values, to derive a more positive attitude.

Release inhibitions about “sex”

In the brightly lit city, no matter the empty nesters living alone or the bachelors drifting in a other city, from some time, they will find that an important part of their lives is missing “sex”.Then after looking for of all sorts of channel, adult products enters the life of one part person shyly. The elderly in the physiological needs of this kind of differentiation, there is a reality, but also virtually add some family contradictions. The sale of sex doll has increased significantly in recent years.

The consumers who purchase silicone sex dolls generally have the following conditions: young users are more curious, they buy from the Internet, and the usage rate is not high; Middle-aged people, most of whom are migrant workers and separated from other places, have more users. Left-behind old people or those who live alone use them a lot, and they choose them repeatedly in brick-and-mortar stores, which is easy to return. Sex doll is not the same as inflatable doll, inflatable doll is last century 1990s from abroad, the market silicone sex doll is about 2010 began to have.

People’s repression of sex, think sex is ugly, do not want to talk about sex, more do not want others to talk about their own sex? This group is mainly male. Most of them are between 35 and 60 years old. They have normal physiological needs. With the rapid development of the city, the intensity of infrastructure construction is increased, if the cross sex or prevention is not in place, it is very easy to cause the spread of sexually transmitted diseases, which is a great harm to the family and society.

real doll

This group is in urgent need of social attention. Sex itself of human reproduction is a survival instinct, anyone can’t escape, sex is also the important organization part of life, it can affect the person’s mood, emotion, sometimes can also affect the people make impulse ultra behavior, it is not the life complete, but affect the quality of life, needs to be seen in a correct and equal vision.