Love doll can really replace your partner?

The gender imbalance has left at least 30 million men single because “resources” are limited, according to China’s census data. So here’s the problem, the first thing that comes out of not having a partner is that sex doesn’t work out, and being dependent on your right or left hand for a long period of time is obviously not good for your body or mind. But don’t worry too much. With the boom in the adult products industry, it’s not hard for single men to find any “style” partner .

love doll

The fast pace of life and high pressure work make us modern people seem to be busy all the time, but we feel very lonely inside. Friends with partners are more relaxed than singles and can release stress by talking to each other or having sex. What about single people do? No one to talk to, no one to have sex with. So some friends began to put their feelings on the love doll, so, although the real doll looks beautiful, but she can really replace your partner?

Some people say that the best way to forget the hurt caused by love is to start another relationship.Then it’s time to buy a sex doll. After the failure of marriage, dick, 40 years old, no longer believes in the feelings between people. He puts all his trust in the silicone doll Jenny. Although Jenny cannot speak, she does give him great comfort. After taking Jenny home, he gave himself a wedding. Dick said, “I don’t need another woman now, or I’ll split my love for Jenny.”

In fact, everyone needs an object to express his feelings, but this object may exist in different forms. Everyone has his own view of love and marriage, irrational must have the value of existence, we can not understand but should respect. There is no reason why we should not accept the people and lives of others.

Why are silicone dolls be needed ?

If you want to characterize a product like as a real doll. They are more like expensive toys like models, models, and camera lenses. It needs careful care and maintenance, after all, silicone or TPE material is also a consumable.You may learn all kinds of skills such as makeup and costume matching for it, but it can give you more comfort, which comes from the soul rather than the body. Because an inflatable doll that doesn’t hug will never betray you, and every hieroglyph deserves to be taken seriously who can say it doesn’t have a soul?

But when faced with a real silicone sex doll, the outside world tends to be ambiguous and serious. For the factory, the starting point of doll production is to make companions to solve part of the loneliness of modern people. It may contain sex, but it’s not just a sex product. Each doll has a unique identity and personality, but is not always the same, in some of the basic templates that the factory provides to users to choose from. Just like in the formative game, different shapes and heads can be combined, and even the color of the pupils and wigs can be chosen. Because some people don’t buy dolls for sex at all, they want to live with them.

love doll

Humans need sex, but more than that, they need companion. In the pursuit of all things intelligent today, human individuals are increasingly isolated. To cope with loneliness, people are constantly inventing or finding new ways to comfort themselves, even silicone dolls. They gradually become intelligent, learn to smile and comfort their owners with search engine answers. But these dolls are not yet fully connected to their bodies and emotions, unable to express their feelings, and have to be human-like inside, a requirement that, for many doll lovers, is still just a passionate imagination. But does making dolls more and more human make them feel like companion ?

In the end, people can only tell their own stories, even in the face of silicone dolls, the final substitute is their own. As Helinger says, “you have to find the right person” is a paradox in itself, because you end up with who you marry and who you live with. There are always people who think that living with silicone dolls is abnormal, and some people say that it is a fetish, but it is actually more of an act of empathy. If tolerant look, it is not cultivate frog, only the model is different. You raise frog, you and Siri dialogue, every day made circle of friends and delete, and for whom? Most people see silicone dolls through colored glasses and look at these “strange” people, but do not see that they tend to be more tolerant and sincere. Normality is the yoke of kindness, freedom is the way to fight against the myriad yoke.

Doll Makeup Artist

With the popularity of various kinds of dolls, many doll lovers want to make clothes, make-up, and styling for their dolls. But not everyone has such a talent, so there is a corresponding occupation – doll makeup artist.

Unlike the makeup of real people, the doll’s head shape is relatively small and it is perfect shaped, so it is more simple to do it, of course, this is not easy as imagine. What is different is that many doll makeup artists have to face the strict requirements of customers.

There are also many types of solid dolls, and there are also bjd dolls with real-sized dolls. Bjd is a kind of doll with spherical joints. Because of its small size, the limbs can be flexibly rotated and are loved by many people, especially younger students. They are keen to change makeup for dolls. However, most of these cosmetic artists are exposed to immature clients, and they need to suffer more from communication.

On the other hand, the pressure on life-size real dolls is much less. After all, such dolls need greater spending power. But the good news is that their clothes, jewelry, shoes, etc. can be used with humans and can be easily replaced, so more people ask the makeup artist to do it to make him more realistic, and the simulation role is more convincing. From skin texture to blood vessel lines, it has become an indispensable step in the doll simulation process.

Racyme is a manufacturer make it possible to enjoy both realistic beauty and great sex. Their real dolls are equipped with real life simulation design and a real beautiful artistic design is what we are all about.

A sweet girlfriend waiting for you

The increasingly fast pace of life makes people become physically and mentally exhausted. People who rush about for a living every day are even more tired of dealing with the capriciousness and difficulties of girlfriend.It’s getting harder and harder to find the perfect partner to soothe your tired body and mind. At this time, a sweet look, hot love doll is a very good choice for you.

The best possible solution for such things is to make relation with sex dolls. This is really going to be a great choice for you because you can lead toward the perfect experience of having sex in such manners. These are something that deliver a perfect combination of a sex toy as well as a beautiful girl inside of them. The best thing about them that they are not actually a living girl with a true relationship but this is more something like a virtual relationship.

She has three-dimensional vivid double eye, delicate nose, sexy pink lips, carefully carved gentle face, full and crisp chest, peachy buttocks,long slender legs, is that her appearance in your dream? In addition, she gives you warm and soft feelings when you are lonely. She unlocks it with you when you want to do more poses. She can not only meet your basic physical and psychological needs, but also play a variety of positions you want her to have.

real doll

Think about it, overworked of a day you go back to home to face is no longer a room full of cold or unruly girlfriend humiliated, but a gentle obedient, sexy charm can accompany in your side at any time the delicate taste of doll, she will show you all of her beauty, she has the meaning of existence, depend on you and they were filled with only you, not betrayal, don’t leave, as long as you need, she will always accompany you with a beautiful face.

Difference between silicone dolls and TPE dolls

You may want to buy a real doll that suits your needs, but you may hesitate to choose one. TPE, or silicone doll? Doll is basically made of two kinds of raw materials, used to be silicone doll, but after the hot plastic elastomer TPE slowly fire, many doll manufacturers on the TPE raw materials now. Today I would like to give you a brief introduction to the difference between silicone dolls and TPE dolls.

TPE has good resilience, but TPE physical crosslinking, there will be some permanent deformation. High molecular weight of the TPE material has more excellent resilience, thermoplastic elastomer environmental non-toxic safety, hardness is wide and has excellent color, texture soft, weather resistance, fatigue resistance and temperature tolerance, the processing performance is superior, without vulcanization, machining efficiency is higher than rubber, can be recycled to reduce costs, either the secondary injection molding, and PP, PE, PC, PS, ABS, such as matrix materials coated adhesive, also can separate molding.

love doll

The surface smoothness of silica gel has a wider range of material hardness, generally 20~80A silica gel materials have excellent surface smoothness. Excellent heat resistance, cold resistance, dielectric resistance, ozone resistance and atmospheric aging resistance and other properties, silicone rubber outstanding performance is wide temperature, can be used in -60℃(or lower temperature) to +250℃(or higher temperature) for a long time.

Silicone dolls generally feel slightly hard, while TPE soft rubber sex dolls can be very soft. Of course, silicone dolls can also be made quite soft, but the cost will increase a lot. The detail expression of silicone doll is better than that of TPE soft rubber doll. Because the material is a little harder, the performance is better. Some of the imitation hand prints and details, only the silicone doll can show, TPE soft rubber doll performance is not good. Silicone doll resistant to high temperature, low temperature, acid and alkali; Silicone dolls react with almost nothing except highly corrosive substances. TPE soft rubber doll is not resistant to high temperature, aging and silicone products.

Are silicone dolls sex toys or human companions?

Seventy percent of the world’s adult products are made in China, including silicone sex dolls. They are even more beautiful than real people, long legs, slender waist, big chest, narrow shoulders, face is very small, but sexy beauty, but also pure cure, is a lot of men dream of lovers. As long as there is a need, the image of a lover or wife can live in the body of a silicone love doll.

At the silicone real doll factory, buyers can customize the height, skin tone, breast size, eye color and hair color of each doll.The most popular dolls have white skin and large breasts and are between 158cm and 170cm tall.Sculptors, engineers, makeup artists, for every step of the production of excellence.

So, what kind of people are these silicone dolls ordering?
One seller felt that “the cost of using dolls to solve sexual desire is too high, a doll may not be able to use 100 times”. His buyers wanted more of a human companion, more psychological than physical. In addition to being single, 30-40% of silicone doll users have girlfriends and families.

adult doll

So are silicone dolls sex toys or human companions? Can it replace real people emotionally? Does its presence have any impact on real-life intimacy? Most people’s impression of silicone doll users is that they are otaku, who don’t contact with women at ordinary times. But among our players, 30 to 40 percent are married. The couple had no children and bought a baby to be their daughter. Old people, widowed, also look to dolls for spiritual sustenance.”

Use real doll solve sex needs

There are times when you want a real doll because your girlfriend does not really like sex. If you want to get the best rated real doll in their original size, you can take full advantage of them as soon as possible. You will be very impressed by the results and the result will be second to none. Same old sexual way can be boring. It can be a good idea to get the silicone dolls.

In this case, a real love doll can be very helpful. In the context of the technical possibilities it basically has everything. Even if, for example, you have to make sure that silicone dolls do not do anything, you can get to know fetish and leather fetish or she can help with various bondage games. In any case, you have a variety of options to choose from and the experience is worth it, to say the least.

adult doll

In addition, you always have the opportunity to purchase real sex doll models that will give you an even more impressive experience that you do not want to miss. Simply by understanding your preferences and finding the right personalized sex toys that you can enjoy. It will not be easy, but in the end you will see that nothing is impossible.

Many girls do not really want to have sex anymore. For that reason, choosing realistic sex doll can be a very good idea as it can give you immense pleasure and pleasure. In the end, finding the best full-size doll can be quite a challenge, but you can easily find and enjoy the most realistic love dolls in the world. You can also opt for the cheaper sex dolls if you have a limited budget.

Take the sex doll into your life

When people think of sex dolls, they usually think of a woman’s body. Although female sex doll are the most popular, other gender dolls are also available and increasingly popular. It is possible to find male sex dolls and middleman sex dolls. Unless you know what you are looking for, it won’t.

Different classifications of sex dolls are usually based on shape, height and weight. The main classification to consider when choosing a doll is that the upcoming doll buyer must also choose between a surrealistic look or a fantasy aesthetic. No matter which direction you go, the manufacturer will still try to “take the doll into life” in terms of appearance, shape and feel.

The biggest difference between a real doll owner and a real body is that although human beings are naturally warm, synthetic materials are not. In order to solve this problem, many people will find ways to make their dolls more pleasant and real. So, this is the best time to tell others because they have the opportunity to see the people behind this person.

Many sex dolls are so elaborate that they are considered to be works of art. Driven by the industry’s erotic photography, movies and documentaries, and the emergence of pop culture neutral doll robots, the sex doll revolution will be a crazy journey. The personality of love dolls is becoming more and more prominent on social media, because both men and women are attracted by aesthetics.

love doll

Be sure to not be addicted to yourself, so that you are not interested in having sex with your real girl, and I have not seen the problem. But as I said, not everyone sees it this way. Maybe you will find a particularly ignorant girl who is seriously threatened by dolls.

What sex robot companions mean to us

Intelligent robots that bring pleasure to human beings will soon become a reality. There are already mechanical toys designed to provide sexual pleasure for users, and machine developers are trying to integrate artificial intelligence into their products. Although AI sex dolls and sex robots look very different, they are similar in nature, positioning themselves as human “friends”.

At the same time, True Companion, an American, designed a new generation of sex robots that could communicate. But the biggest worry is: will they destroy real human relationships by being so realistic and talking? Parents worry that if their children are obsessed with a talking barbie, they won’t want to talk to real people Women worry: will this life-like, real doll take their place in their husbands’ hearts?

But the topic of sex dolls robots itself is controversial and needs to be hotly debated. Like it or not, we’re moving toward the age of robots. For example, to make sure the robot is safe, there must be no plugins, the physical appearance must meet the legal age (over 18), and only adults over 18 can use the sex robot.

love doll

We need to talk about what robot companions mean to us and consider how to integrate them with humanity instead of criticizing them. Richardson and Billings’ anti-sex robot movement feels more like an anti-porn team, berating products that don’t want to think about how to correct misguided culture. Instead of demonizing the future we don’t know, find ways to propose regulations for the coming industry that will make both robots and humans safe.

TIPs for TPE sex doll care

How to deal with the TPE sex doll oil:

Different materials, different dolls in the doll factory release oil differently.
Generally, dolls are shipped with talcum powder. Different manufacturers bring different powders. The discerning baby master can buy the Austrian self. Anyway, the house buys baby talcum powder and does not contain talcum powder. It is best to use a puff, and a sponge or the like can be substituted. The sex doll’s wig is generally normal, and the steel toothed comb delivered by the manufacturer is anti-static.

How to remove the stain:
The usual usage is to apply oil and then wrap the cling film. Or you can try medical mineral spirits. In addition, dark clothes must not be worn, even if the quality of the clothes should be washed a few times and then carefully worn, because the general clothes will fade, the dolls will be oily and the like will also stain the pigment.

How to move the life-size sex doll safely:

The real doll head and the body are generally separated, and different manufacturers have different connection methods, and there are also integrated dolls.
To move or put the doll in a different position, first understand the range of activities of your doll skeleton. Here we will introduce the range of the skeleton of the general TPE doll.