Sex dolls are considered family members

You have an idea. A product, even. How to do? How do you build a brand that attracts customers?

In our first episode, you’ll hear about Alex Fine, the co-founder of sex toy maker Dame Products, on the challenges of fighting from bad packaging to Facebook. The new episodes of my brand, including today’s most interesting brands and the founders and marketers behind them, will go live every other Tuesday.
Merchant Zhenguo Yu lives in a small town in southwestern China with his teenage son and their 11-character doll.

It has been several years since the Chinese man and a real woman have been together. He told Quartz that he lacked a romantic relationship and he turned to a sex doll to seek companionship.

“Whenever I order custom clothing for them, the tailor thinks I am joking because the measurements are comparable to the normal size of humans,” Yu told Quartz, who revealed the many pieces he brought to the sex doll.