Realistic Sex Doll Owners Ⅰ- Companionship

There is no doubt that the origin of sex dolls comes from this. However, in our emotional composition, it is also inseparable from companionship. When we are children, we have all kinds of teddy bears, robot models, anime dolls, and we will talk to them and think that they are living entities. Although this companion is still indispensable to life as we grow older, it is what we have been pursuing.

It is as if we will have pets, love, marriage, and close relationships with the outside world, from dolls to animals , people then to dolls,again. There is no denying the importance of companionship.

When we feel lonely, especially in the real society, the reduction or intimacy of intimate relationships, as well as the limitations of the circle of interest in the life circle, there are many lonely old people who are in need of companionship.

About a 60-year-old man and his six silicone girls. He bought six TPE sex dolls to be used as daughters to raise them. The old man spent more than $10,000 on these dolls, and the six “daughters” had more than 200 sets of clothes. And he does not exceed ten sets. The loneliness of the old man can indeed be alleviated by the doll. Although these love dolls are silent, they give new meaning to him with flesh and blood. When you believe that they are listening, your statement is valuable.

Otakus members of the modern community are often “strange” in terms of sex and find it difficult to express themselves to humans.

In Japan, a new “variety” has appeared in recent years, called “herbivore.” These men have given up on traditional male characteristics, such as competitiveness and decisiveness, preferring a leisurely life. As a result, these new men’s waves chose the realistic sex doll as a romantic companion.

Men who are tired of interpersonal relationships because of constant quarrels and disagreements have chosen the path of the dolls.

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