The secret of a sex doll

A beautiful woman is waiting for you at home. She is a woman you have saved unintentionally, but she seems to have lost her previous memories. Now she only knows you.

  And you are attracted by her appearance, she is a perfect beauty, looks like an angel, looks like a devil, yes, you fall in love with her.
You take her care very well, I am very distressed by her, but I am also worried that she will remember the previous things one day. You are afraid that she will meet the old people when she goes out, so you keep her at home and not allow her to go out, even if she goes out. You must be there too.

But she doesn’t seem to blame you, but I don’t know. She actually has a secret. Although she is a lifeless robot, she has thoughts. Yes, she also fell in love with this man, so she must guard this. secret

sex doll