Partner robot is actually talking about loneliness

Always we are talking about relationships,companion,sex,love,and to prove that love is really existed. So how could you prove the love between love doll and human, and do doll love in society make sense?

No matter what love sex and robots is the trend of the future,they are all about relation. And human can not live without love. And love often come with companions, we can easily feel love behind loneliness.

I went to visit the reluctant guest’s home, where he already has five live dolls made by Matt. He even let me touch and feel the texture of the realistic sex dolls. He was one of those doll users who had a marriage that fell apart, who were depressed about their relationship, who were fed up with the search and the hunt, and who had a doll that saved them a lot of effort. He would not have too much fantasy of the doll, occasionally drink wine when the doll in the corner of the room, sleep at night to choose a doll to carry her into the room.

The robot companion. Will Al replace sex and love in the future?
Will robot companions really exist in our lives in the future? With this question and curiosity in mind, we went to the United States, jersey 2, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands and other places to interview producers and users of real doll factories and to see from their perspective: why would anyone want to connect physically and emotionally with an inanimate object?