Tips for improving the quality of sexual life

In the couple’s sexual life, some people often complain that is not as good as they think. They are not only tired but also hard to realize the pleasure brought by sex. Many people may go straight to the topic, but they often neglect some tips that can improve “sexual quality”. What’s the problem? Maybe you can see the following six tips about husband and wife’s secret affairs.

1. The best room temperature is 27 degrees for sex

Maybe you like to turn on the air conditioner in the room, but the research shows that the best room temperature is 27 ℃. In low temperature sex, will reduce blood circulation speed, make nerves tense. In the long run, the body is also prone to over reaction, such as physiological shivering in hot weather. Using sex toys can also improve the quality of sex.

2. The best time for sex is 13 minutes

People’s expectation of long-term intimacy is actually wrong. A good couple’s life time is 13 minutes, more than 20 minutes will make people feel tired, less than 5 minutes and too hasty. Sleep is the first factor to ensure high-quality room time. If you sleep less than 6 hours a day, you are prone to “sexual fatigue”. Pieced together sleep time will also reduce your expectations of sex. Instead of sleeping 10 hours three times a day, it’s better to sleep 7 hours at night.

3. In the morning and autumn, men are most eager for sex

Men are not on call. Men’s sexual desire is in direct proportion to their androgens. In the morning, the male hormone secretion is twice and a half of that in the noon, 16% higher than that in the evening; and every autumn, the male hormone secretion is the most vigorous in a year. Sex dolls can also meet sexual demands.

4. Men are sexually excited when they see red, and women are sexually fantasy when they see purple

Men see red will be sexually excited, and women because of menstruation, see red will have physiological fear instead. In the bedroom of purple atmosphere intimacy, the excitement of a woman will be one and a half times higher than usual. Because purple is similar to the color of human mucous membrane, it can make women have rich sexual fantasy.

5. Make love in the car, women feel more secure

19% of women like to use the car as a place of intimacy. Because the car has a good airtight, is a flow of “bed”, can bring a stronger sense of security than the bedroom. If you want to do something new, you can move the intimate place from the bedroom to the back of the car.

6. Prolonged foreplay or massage can avoid wandering in bed

This situation is not new: you are making out with him, and your mind suddenly drifts — the bowl in the kitchen hasn’t been washed yet. Yesterday, the manager called on your name at the regular meeting to criticize your performance decline, and just found that you’ve weighed another 1kg

Harmonious sex life can not only make men and women feel the pleasure brought by sex, but also promote the emotional exchange between the two sides. In husband and wife’s life, men and women are more concerned about some skills. Many people have little knowledge of the benefits and details of sexual life. Today, these 13 secrets about husband and wife’s life are brought to you, hoping to help you.