Look for a doll with a strong skeleton and flexibility

You may want to try different sex positions with the doll. Therefore, it is very important to make sure that the expensive sex doll can withstand the pressure. The dolls need to be flexible enough that you can try out all kinds of positions that you have in mind. So look for a doll with a strong skeleton and flexibility. The skeleton of such dolls is heavy, just like a real girl. So, if you can handle the size of the doll while you are sleeping with it, or if you have enough space in your home to store it, you should look for a nice realistic adult doll.

Safety is the foremost concern when it comes to using a life size sex doll for intercourse. For a few hours of pleasure, you cannot afford to be susceptible to infections or sexually transmitted diseases. Hence, if you are a sex doll buyer, it is important to keep a few safety tips in mind. Though it is a common practice of hygiene, not all the buyers are used to cleaning the doll before and after having sex with it. While your doll is sitting idle, she is just attracting all the dust and dirt on her body.

When you enter her without cleaning it, the bacteria causes infection on your body, leading to several diseases. Similarly, when you do not clean her after use, you actually make the doll a home for several bacteria and viruses. How to clean sex dolls after use. Well, this question surely deserves an answer. Proper care of your sex doll is something that extends their lifespan for many years, keeping her clean, sexy, and fresh. Cleaning your sex doll after use is a very easy process and can be completed within few minutesm if you are equipped with right tools.

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Before completing a doll, check the size and height of the doll. Determine whether you only need the torso, a mini sex doll, or a full-fledged love doll that matches the average size and size of a real girl. Most buyers prefer to buy full size sex dolls to have realistic sexual pleasure. Most online stores offer customization options that allow you to customize your doll according to your needs and preferences. These options can include a variety of wigs, types of fingernails, nail colors, skin colors, eye colors, hair colors, vagina colors, and dolls with or without pubic hair.