Long term sexual abstinence your body will protest like this!

Is abstinence good or bad? Long term abstinence in sexual life is not a good thing for men and women. It’s best to abstain for a short time. Otherwise, it will be harmful to the couple’s feelings or personal health. So what are the disadvantages of long-term abstinence? Today, let’s get to know.

What is the harm of long-term abstinence?

1. Psychologically, many experts say that if men want more of themselves. Forced abstinence can lead to serious emotional illness. If you don’t have a sexual partner, choose a suitable sex doll.

2. “If young people don’t have sex, they may increase their libido and fantasy,” sexologist doctors said. So you can’t concentrate. Irritability, insomnia, extreme tension and other diseases, the severity of the disease depends on everyone’s libido, temperament and the strength of the environment.

3. Long term abstinence can also have a great impact on sexual function. Especially for the elderly, it is easy to cause temporary or permanent impotence. Using sex toy can enhance the pleasure of sex

Benefits of short-term abstinence

1. Stimulate creativity. Limiting your desires in a short period of time can put your work and Study on the right track. This may be the benefit of concentration.

2. Exercise will. Because it’s not easy to suppress desire, because it requires willpower. So if you can hold back, you’ve actually completed a huge challenge.

3. Family happiness. After a brief abstinence, your ability is likely to surprise you. Little is better than a newly married couple. At this time, when the firewood is on fire, the family affairs will be very harmonious.

4. keep healthy. Short term abstinence will make the body enter the rest period, which is conducive to the recovery of the body.

Performance gives us a certain degree of physical and mental satisfaction, so we will be more eager and like sex life, can make people happy, mainly because it can release a lot of dopamine, which belongs to a neurotransmitter, can activate the brain center, can also make people more excited. Sex is a kind of instinctive impulse. Only through the sexual life of both husband and wife can we release it better. Research has found that regular sex has a positive impact on brain cells, not only can release pressure, but also can improve memory and relieve migraine symptoms.