Karaoke into a sex hotbed

Karaoke was first invented in Japan, and this entertainment has quickly swept the world over the past dozen years. However, as for the origin of karaoke in Japan, people are no longer confined to karaoke rooms, but now karaoke rooms have become a soundproof refuge for sexual lie, violent crime.

In the 1990s, crime cases that occurred in karaoke booths once became the blockbuster news of the news media, but in recent years, such illegal and criminal activities have become commonplace. An unannounced interview reporter from Japan pointed out that karaoke rooms are usually locked. Singing in this small soundproof space is no longer the only entertainment activity. Beer, condoms, and sex toys have become the new themes of karaoke rooms. Many passions Couples use it as a sex hotel. At present, the business of karaoke rooms is still very popular, and the private rooms have attracted many customers. The reason why they have a preference for karaoke private rooms is that this soundproof environment is a safe haven for illegal and dirty activities.

Ichiro Toyokawa, a part-time waiter at a famous karaoke chain, said that during work, I often see the dirty and obscene scenes of customers in the private rooms. When some customers come to shop for karaoke, they usually bring prostitutes in the street. Especially on weekend nights, our karaoke room launches 700 yen per hour and offers free beer service. They sing passionately here and enjoy a free beer. Private rooms and health room compartments are often their sex venues. Sometimes they also exposed their obscene scenes to the service staff unabashedly. At the same time, it is also common for sexual disputes between men and women in the private room. Once I heard that a pair of men and women quarreled in the private room. The man slaps the woman rudely, and the woman runs out of the private room with tears on his face. I didn’t care about getting dressed and rushed out wearing only a pair of underwear, trying to stop the woman.

It is understood that most karaoke rooms in Japan provide overnight services of at least 1,500 yen, and it is not uncommon for some working-class men to drink drunkenly and spend the night in a private room. Of course, they will usually be accompanied by call girls overnight. Karaoke rooms have become a hotbed of malformations for Japanese erotic orgy.

In addition, various violent and illegal activities have repeatedly occurred in karaoke rooms. In 2003, the Japanese National Police Agency issued a white paper stating that 32 cases of juvenile crime occurred in karaoke booths, of which 14 were violent assaults, and 9 were rapes and 9 were murders. In addition, a total of 95 adults were arrested in karaoke rooms, of which 55 involved assaults and 11 involved violent crimes.

Soundproof karaoke booths have also become the main venue for drug trafficking, and many drug addicts and drug dealers often conduct illegal transactions here. At the same time, the karaoke hall knew all the filthy things that happened in the private room, and they would put a mini camera in the private room to secretly record the scenes of fish and water in the private room. These videos were even made into compact discs and sold around to make huge profits from them.