Japanese female intelligent robot have three obvious advantages, it is the future of men’s Gospel

After entering the path of scientific and technological development 300 years ago, mankind ushered in the era of rapid development. Now more than 300 years have passed, and great achievements have been made in science and technology. A variety of scientific and technological products keep appearing, which make people’s life quality higher and higher. At the same time, human beings also stepped out of the earth and began to explore the universe.

After entering the 21st century, human science and technology ushered in a peak period of development, now people’s life is moving forward from physical to virtual, digital currency, block chain, Internet, 5G and other development is increasingly fast. The development of artificial intelligence can be said to be a very hot topic in recent years, speaking of artificial intelligence, we have to say its carrying object robot.

The important carrier of artificial intelligence in the future is robot, and in many robot categories, female robot will become an important kind of intelligent robot. Although the current artificial intelligence is still in the initial stage, is not very intelligent, but intelligent robot research and development has begun. As a result, intelligent female robots have begun to appear in people’s eyes.

Speaking of the development of female intelligent robots, we have to say that Japanese robots are advanced. Throughout the history of world robot development, Japanese robot technology has always been in the world’s leading position. With the arrival of the tide of artificial intelligence, Japanese robots naturally follow the trend of The Times and begin to develop female intelligent robots. Now in Japan, there has been a female robot, code-named “wife”, which has four advantages. The first advantage, it has a good appearance and quality “skin”, the love of beauty, everyone has it. Believe every male friend is like beauty, but beauty resource is very little. These beauty resources are basically a good social status and money people robbed, and the majority of ordinary men can only choose those ordinary resources.

However, the emergence of intelligent beauty robot will change this trend, no matter you are the average male, or already into the elderly male. It is possible to have a beautiful intelligent robot. And these beautiful robots have a common feature, that is, first of all, there is a very perfect simulation of the skin, from the appearance, you can hardly tell this is a set of fake skin.

At the same time, intelligent female robots have good appearance level, can say, you want an ugly female robot, can only be customized. Believe that few men will go to choose ugly female intelligent robot, we will basically choose the level of appearance of beauty intelligent robot. Beautiful thing can bring cheerful mood to the person, can let people live more sunshine, maintain a good mood, indirectly increase human life span.

The second advantage is to be obedient, to work hard and not to complain or get angry about anything, just like a wife. I believe many friends know that Japan and South Korea are very similar, where the status of men is higher than women, is full of male chauvinism society. But the real person is not necessarily willing to listen to the man at the mercy of, so there will be a lot of family contradictions.

At this time, the appearance of intelligent robot beauty to male chauvinism brought Gospel, they will not give you temper, not play temper. Serve men without complaining, help you with laundry, cooking and housework. Think about it, who would not like to have such a beautiful, gentle and virtuous wife who can do anything but complain?

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