Why are female robots first invented?

It is well known that Japan is a country with mature robotics technology. Usually the robots they invent have a beautiful appearance. This beauty robot not only has a sense of thinking, but also has some basic skills in human life. It is possible to have a normal conversation with human beings. Even the appearance of this beautiful robot is very similar to that of a human being. It is difficult to tell that this is a robot. Many people have expressed doubts about this. Why has Japan been inventing beauty robots instead of inventing some male robots? Does the same thinking apply to female sex dolls?

This is related to the local social atmosphere in Japan. In Japan, the status of women is generally low. Many women are married at home after marriage, and the invention of female robots can better reflect the trivial things of helping with cooking and housework. Moreover, female robots are always more acceptable to the public than male robots. After all, our society has evolved from a male-dominated society. Not only that, women’s image has always been gentle, considerate and careful since ancient times, so the role of robots First of all, the role of women is played out, which is also the main role of the robot.

In addition, the Japanese sex culture industry is developed, and the invention of female robots may be based on similar lifelike sex doll products, hoping to bring more distant sexual robots into people’s lives.

On the contrary, if a male robot is invented and becomes a service robot, it will hurt the man’s self-esteem and affect the different division of labor between men and women. In order to avoid living under the pressure of women’s rights, most of the inventions are female robots.