Is it true that running enhances sexual ability?

In many ways of sports improving sexual ability, many people will think of running, because running not only makes their muscles tighter, regulates their body and mind and improves their immunity, but also makes men’s sexual muscles achieve good exercise. In order to make this more clear, let’s understand why running enhances sexual ability. How can running enhance sexual ability

1. Promote sexual desire: Our body’s normal sexual desire is not only directly controlled by the brain, but also has a great relationship with endocrine. Experts pointed out that the androgens secreted by Leydig cells of testis play an important role in sexual desire, and these two kinds of androgens are often affected by many factors, resulting in decreased secretion and abnormal secretion, which will lead to unsatisfactory sexual life and sexual dysfunction in men. For example, some diseases or trauma can damage testicular function, resulting in low gonadal function.If this happens before puberty, it may also affect the development of sexual signs and organs. If it occurs in adults, it can cause sexual desire to decline or even completely lose sexual desire.

2. Sexual hormone secretion: Men often take part in some exercises such as running in their daily life, which can effectively enhance their sexual ability and prolong their sexual life. This is a benefit that many men have ignored before. This is because running can effectively promote the secretion of androgens, so as to improve sexual ability. In addition to running can promote androgen secretion, there are also push ups, squats, weightlifting and other ways to promote androgen secretion, so as to solve various sexual dysfunction problems. Many other studies have found that running can increase muscle strength and make sex more ideal. Through a number of studies at home and abroad, it has been found that almost any aerobic exercise is beneficial to things in bed. Running, walking and other sports can also make people have a strong sexual desire. In addition to running can improve sexual function, there are also mountain climbing, walking race and so on can also enhance sexual function.

3. Strengthen muscles: It has been found that men who exercise, run or play basketball twice a week have a higher sexual pleasure than men who don’t do any exercise. This is because in the process of exercise can quickly and effectively enhance the abdominal and buttock muscle elasticity, so at this time when making love, it is easier to make the woman reach orgasm than before. Long term and appropriate exercise can keep the balance between the strength and speed of male muscles, so the self-control ability is also greatly strengthened. In this case, the sexual pleasure time can be significantly prolonged when having sex. It can be seen that running is very beneficial to enhance the pleasure of sexual life of husband and wife. Besides running, there are also climbing and swimming, and the effect of helping sex is more obvious. Therefore, men with unsatisfactory sexual life should self-examine and how long they haven’t exercised recently.

Running precautions: In order to make running play a better role in enhancing sexual function, men should pay special attention when running, that is, try not to be too fast, so not only can not play a role in enhancing sexual ability, but will lead to impotence. At the same time, we should keep running for a while, so as to improve sexual function.