I slept with the world’s first male sex doll

Back in 2016, Vice guest sex columnist Carly Shoretino went on a field trip and launched a video themed “I slept with the world’s first male sex doll.” In the video, she visited factories that make male dolls and found the first female customers willing to appear on camera.

According to the director of the male sex doll factory, their dolls are mainly sold to local women in the United States, and the less open to sex, such as Texas, the more female customers will buy male dolls.

They like customized male sex dolls. Some even send pictures of the men they like and ask the factory to deeply customize them according to their own needs. Compared with the perfect figure, they prefer the doll with a little flaw, which seems more real. Of course, these dolls can be expensive in 2016, with a custom doll costing $13,500.

Carly Shoretino had a hard time finding a female client willing to appear on camera and share her experience buying and using male sex dolls. Jessica Ryan is a sex worker. According to her, she is in a long-distance relationship with her partner and is reluctant to flirt with strange men on tinder for sex.

On top of that, she also took pictures of sex with dolls and put them on porn sites, which I thought would pay for itself. At the end of video, the male doll factory made a new male doll for Carly Shoretino, who tried it on video and gave feedback that, except for the lack of immediate interaction, the doll’s touch and sex experience were “completely life-like”.

Luckily, when I posted the video screenshot to my Yummy group, a low-key sister said she had also bought a similar doll made of steel and silicone. Our whole group immediately seethed and asked her about her experience.

COCO (pseudonym, Yummy user) said that as a homosexual, she bought girls. “She has a great body, big breasts, soft body, she can pose. In addition to sex, daily will also be used to cuddle together to watch a movie, do leg pillow. The bad thing is there’s no body temperature, because you use lubrication and it’s not easy to clean.”

Now that she has a girlfriend, she’s replaced the doll with new parts and given it to a friend.

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