40% said they would use a sex robot, how about you?

The popularity of sex robots will have a profound impact. Many people have expressed their willingness to try sex robots. After all, nothing is unreliable. If it is to get something mainly from sex workers, it is actually a safer relationship model.

Realistic sex dolls can help you solve loneliness, anxiety and depression. There are no right or wrong ways to deal with anxiety, loneliness and frustration, but investment dolls do help. Sex dolls are ideal for treating and alleviating loneliness and anxiety. They are better than bribing brothels. Technically, if you have a spouse, you should not cheat with your spouse or partner. However, if you are single, it can help you lie down when you need it, without having to go to the bar or too many appointments to complete the business. If you are married, lifelike sex dolls can re-light your marriage, not just for marriage, many families accept sex dolls as new family members, and have nothing to do with sex.

So far, many people have expressed support for the use of sex robots, which accounts for about 40% of the number of participants. In addition to the above personal reasons, sexual robots have far-reaching effects, such as reducing sexual trafficking and preventive diseases.

Still, sex dolls and sex robots can have negative effects. No girl rights have shown strong opposition. The increase in the use of sex dolls may have a negative impact on those seeking emotional and physical connections. Studies have shown that many people with sexual dysfunction do not even have a relationship with these women, they will talk to them, sex dolls can play a positive role. These life-sized sexual robots that communicate can play a role in real life.