How to use a physical doll

When we decided to use the physical doll to solve our normal sexual physiological needs, then we must choose some better dolls, only in this way can let us experience very good sex.

First of all, when we receive the sex doll, we must keep it in some cool places, not under the sun, or let it be close to the fire source, or put it next to some stores, so It may also have a big impact on her. In addition to how to put it, some people may want to ask how to use a physical doll?

When we use it, we must clean the solid dolls so that some bacteria can be cleaned. We can use disinfectant sprays, disinfectant wipes, or 95% alcohol disinfectant.
Another point is that we can’t put it in the water for a long time. It contains a lot of water. We need to wipe it clean before use. When using it, we also need to use some inside the vagina of the entity doll. Lubricants, when we use solid dolls, we will get a better sense of friction because we have enough lubrication so that we can reach the peak state, no need to worry about how to use the physical doll.

However, some people think that if you put your little brother directly into the physical doll, it seems that it is a little unsafe. Then we can also use some condoms with higher lubrication levels. In this case, we can achieve a certain degree of lubrication, so as to avoid Appeared, after entering the physical doll, there will be some rupture.
And there is another problem, that is, when we use the sex doll, we must clean the inside of the private part of the physical doll with clean water, and clean it, and wipe it clean, put it Go to a cool place. Once we have done it once, with experience, we will not ask how the physical doll is used.