How to Make Your Sex Doll Service Life Longer?

There is a kind of super realistic sex doll, it has all the qualifications for your dream girl. Its face was soft and smooth, with no sign of a wrinkle. Like the morning sun, the slightly curled long silken hair suddenly shines into your heart. You could feel her breasts, soft and plump, nearly out from the thin clothes.

Life sized sex doll has the price range from one to ten thousand dollars. It is not cheap. Now that you have invested sex doll too much, you must love to know how to make your sex doll service life longer. Follow the below tips to make it the reality.

Having fun with your sexy sex doll
Using water-based lubricants in the vaginal, oral and anal canals to prevent you and your sex doll from excessive skin friction when you are intimacy touching.
Using pillow or thick blanket to help to cushion impact forces when you are trying doggy style.
Using condoms as much as possible when you are playing.
Don’t bite through the delicate parts with your sharp teeth, for instance, earlobe and nipples. These weak parts cannot bear repeating gnaws.
Don’t share your doll with others to avoid the STD.

Cleaning sex doll
Washing genitals after each playing. Bathing thoroughly once a month at least.
Using anti-bacterial soap
Don’t submerge its head into the water
Drying sex doll thoroughly with the soft absorbent towel
Powdering the surface of sex doll
Away from the heat source, such as the strong sunlight or heat appliance.

Clothes and Skin Care
Don’t wear the clothes fade
Away from the items contain ink or oil-soluble pigments.
Away from sharp items

Skeletal Care
The metal joint has the certain move range. Don’t overbend its limbs and fingers.
Be careful when moving it.
Keep upright position for storage.

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