How do sex dolls make up?

I want to see many people think that the physical doll is the sexual tool we usually use to solve sexual problems, but for those who are relatively lonely, it is their spiritual comfort so these people may consider the entity doll. Makeup tips, fat words can make your doll more beautiful.

First of all, if we really want to master the doll makeup skills, we can make rubber production, we, but basically we will search the network to understand it. When preparing the materials, we must first wash the doll’s face clean, do not leave a lot of dirty things, but also tie the doll’s hair, it is best to cover it with a layer of plastic wrap, so that If you don’t, the paint won’t fall into your hair. There are many similarities between sex doll makeup techniques and real makeup. We can first make a foundation, then trace the eyelids, then trace the eyes or eyebrows first, and trace the outline of the mouth.

After we have finished these basic actions, we will give the basic color to the eyes. After all, we must know that the color of the eyes is really important because the eyes with the gods will make us feel more lovely. After slightly deepening the eyebrows, or giving the lips color, then we have to use the foundation to deepen the doll’s chin or give it to the family, so that it looks more lovely, of course, some people like it. Draw a lotus flower on the doll’s forehead, which will make it look better. Therefore, it is not difficult to make a physical sex doll makeup technique. As long as we pay more attention to it, we can master it.

Can you believe that he has collected 9 personality dolls?

He said that he only regards the sex doll as an acting daughter. There is absolutely no point in thinking, and he insists that he will not be called “perverted”. What is happening again?

The 60-year-old man from southwestern China has collected nine dolls and said that “my love for the doll is the father’s love”, and his hobby has become a topic in the region, especially since he established a social media account. Show him and his ‘daughter’ to visit local beauty or go shopping for pictures and videos.
So far, his wife divorced his wife more than a decade ago and has spent more than 100,000 yuan ($14,500) on clothing and props such as doll instruments. In order to avoid anyone getting the wrong impression, he stressed that he only took pictures with his doll, and his family had no problem with his pastime.
He said that he never photographed dolls without clothes and did not allow others to do so.

What is the reason for this?
Five years ago, when he saw a female silicon doll, his curiosity was first provoked. When he sold it in Beijing, he called it “so beautiful, so cute, so perfect.”
Due to the price tag of RMB 80,000, he was initially postponed to purchase, but a few months later he decided to take the risk of trying to order online.
He gave his first doll, Xiaoxue, a name. From then on, she celebrated the day she arrived at the home on her birthday and had a piece of cake.
He held a similar celebration of the eight sex dolls that have been acquired since then – four of them were donated by friends after their marriage and their wives asked them to dispose of – but he told the portal that he still likes Little Snow.

Why are sexual doll brothels closed?

In the year of opening a sex doll brothel in various countries and regions of the world, it really is rare to survive for more than one year. What caused this?
In fact, there are also local cultures and beliefs, and the most important thing is health. Some countries’ cultures do not allow such brothels to be opened, and some countries believe that this is a very filthy thing, but more people are worried about health issues. So how many people use it, what is the difference between a real sex worker?

The most important thing is that some people are still in the residential area, which seriously affects the children of most families, so it will be opposed by many people around. Recently, the opening of a sex doll brothel in Hong Kong, China was forced to close because of health problems. Some people will think in their hearts that China cannot open a sex doll brothel?

I don’t think it is possible to open it because China’s education and culture are very resistant to this category because it can easily affect the growth of young people and the residents of the open areas.
In fact, instead of going to a sex doll brothel, it is better to buy a sex doll at home, and it is easy to store, and it will not deteriorate. The most important thing is that the right to use the whole sex doll is yours, you don’t have to worry about others using it. Because she belongs to one person.
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How to Make Your Sex Doll Service Life Longer?

There is a kind of super realistic sex doll, it has all the qualifications for your dream girl. Its face was soft and smooth, with no sign of a wrinkle. Like the morning sun, the slightly curled long silken hair suddenly shines into your heart. You could feel her breasts, soft and plump, nearly out from the thin clothes.

Life sized sex doll has the price range from one to ten thousand dollars. It is not cheap. Now that you have invested sex doll too much, you must love to know how to make your sex doll service life longer. Follow the below tips to make it the reality.

Having fun with your sexy sex doll
Using water-based lubricants in the vaginal, oral and anal canals to prevent you and your sex doll from excessive skin friction when you are intimacy touching.
Using pillow or thick blanket to help to cushion impact forces when you are trying doggy style.
Using condoms as much as possible when you are playing.
Don’t bite through the delicate parts with your sharp teeth, for instance, earlobe and nipples. These weak parts cannot bear repeating gnaws.
Don’t share your doll with others to avoid the STD.

Cleaning sex doll
Washing genitals after each playing. Bathing thoroughly once a month at least.
Using anti-bacterial soap
Don’t submerge its head into the water
Drying sex doll thoroughly with the soft absorbent towel
Powdering the surface of sex doll
Away from the heat source, such as the strong sunlight or heat appliance.

Clothes and Skin Care
Don’t wear the clothes fade
Away from the items contain ink or oil-soluble pigments.
Away from sharp items

Skeletal Care
The metal joint has the certain move range. Don’t overbend its limbs and fingers.
Be careful when moving it.
Keep upright position for storage.

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From the consumer side, sex doll manufacturer realized that it should be something close to real, people can enjoy the sexual intercourse and have fun in sexual experience. Then they created life sized sex doll, it is like a human cloning but never beyond your control. Sex doll has super real genitals. For those looking for real sexual pleasure, love sex doll is an ideal option without any doubt at present.

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Truth about Love Sex Doll You Have to Know

What is a realistic sex doll? There are many online stores selling sex dolls while they have not explained exactly what it is like. A love sex doll is created and formed according to beauties’ body elements as a person’s sexual partner. For meet the inquiries of the market, separate body parts are produced. Such as head, breasts, and channel to stimulate for sex. The size of these sex dolls is same as a real human. And you will feel like face the real humans when see and touch it.

The mindset is essential within the use of a realistic sex doll, you wish to own some emotional attachment and play it as real as the potential to fancy.

love sex doll

Some men have the high emotions to their TPE sex dolls

The doll owners will attach strong emotions to the dolls. It causes various of moral problems. Because they are not real human

Feminine sex dolls share the majority of the market than the male dolls.

It is apparent that life sized sex dolls square measure principally employed by men, male sex dolls solely account for 100% of the market. but with the increase of the gay society, it remains to be seen whether or not male reality sex dolls can increase in use.

 They’ll never act and behave like humans

Although they need to be been upgraded with this technology, they can’t have love and affectionateness like ladies. At present, they are only used as sex toys.