Love doll is an ideal alternative to a human partner

Love dolls appear to be an ideal alternative to a human partner especially when one partner is not around. Previously, sex dolls were considered as a taboo with some stigma […]

Detroit: Become Human – When can we have such a doll?

Recently learned that a game “Detroit: Become Human”, the bionics technology inside is really imaginative, is definitely the perfect life size sex doll in your dreams. What is even more […]

Sex tech developments beyond sex robots

When it comes to sex technology, the first thing you think of is sex robots. This kind of news is not uncommon, especially under the rapid development of sex dolls. […]

3 Methods –Help you Dispose of Used Sex Dolls

As the silicon & TPE sex dolls are getting more and more life-like. These fake but simulated humanoid dolls can easily cause a lot of misunderstandings. They are often mistaken […]

Unique Amazing Feel to Play with Lifelike Sex Doll

Most people think lifelike sex dolls are a relatively high consumption sex toys, it is probably few people use it. Exactly no. From the long-term investment, lifelike sex doll will […]

Odd Status for Current Social Relationship

The way to love and marriage twists and turns, it is filled with pain to fun, not everyone could get survival and stick to it. Attitudes to love and marriage […]

How to Make Your Sex Doll Service Life Longer?

There is a kind of super realistic sex doll, it has all the qualifications for your dream girl. Its face was soft and smooth, with no sign of a wrinkle. […]

A Good Sex Doll

People who are far from home because of many kinds of reasons are working and living alone outside. In general, it is not easy to release the sexual desires exactly […]