How to Take A Shower for My Sex Doll?

When you have a sex doll, the sex doll is not only your sex toy, she can also act as the person you miss, it is your spiritual sustenance.Two people sleep better than one alone in bed.When you hold her in your arms, you are no longer lonely.You will speak to her in all your heart. She is the best listener and keeper.You can bring all of your crazy sexual fantasies together with her.

Some sex doll owners have this question, can I take a shower for my sex doll?

Of course,you can.Remember to wash your sex dolls regularly after you own one.When you take your lifelike sex doll to the shower, you need to know whether your sex love doll is made of TPE or silicone.There is a big difference between the two materials.

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Whether it’s TPE or silicone, you should clean your sex doll immediately after use.Silicone and TPE materials are waterproof.She can sit in your bathtub with you or take a shower with you, but we advise not to immerse her head and hair in the water.Use a wet towel to carefully wipe the face of a sex doll.

If you’re going to take a hot bath with your sex doll, you need a silicone sex doll.Sex dolls made of this material are more resistant to hot water and sterilization.Silicone sex dolls are more expensive, but they can be worth every penny.

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Using a TPE sex doll for a hot bath may cause significant damage to the sex doll’s porous structure.Don’t be shocked if you see your adult sex doll losing its appeal after a hot bath.The material may become sticky or even melt!Remember, TPE sex dolls can only be washed with warm water or cold water!Make sure that water is not more than 40 ° C.

After cleaning, use a towel to dry thoroughly, or use a hairdryer, preferably with a cold wind.Then brush your sex doll with cornmeal, so that the skin of the sex doll won’t become sticky again.

If you’re cleaning your face for a sex doll, the sex doll’s makeup is no longer flattering, and you can try to make up for her and bring her back to the top.

Remember all this information when you want to shower with your sex doll.Don’t lose thousands of dollars because of your romantic ideas.Everyone will pay attention and love for their “love”.