How often is the best time for a man to have sex

Sex is essential in a couple’s sexual life. But frequent sex can damage body function. So, how long does the interval fit?

Some newlyweds have sex almost every day when they are on holiday, or they have sex for three times in a row, but they should also be properly controlled, not excessive. According to a survey, the frequency of men’s sexual life generally decreases with the increase of age, three times a week in the period of 22-25 years old; two times a week in the period of 32-35 years old; and once a week in the period of 41-45 years old. Of course, it’s just an average. There are big How long is the best time for a man to have sexdifferences in each age group, some as many as a day, while others as little as once a month. Therefore, it is not only from the frequency of sexual intercourse to determine whether sexual intercourse is appropriate. If you don’t have a partner, you can choose a sex doll that will give you more sex than your partner.

Just from the physiological point of view, no matter men and women, no matter their age, when they have sexual excitement, as long as they are not reluctant, and there is no uncomfortable feeling, then they can have sex, and do not need to consider how long the last interval was. After every time men have sex, they will stop having sex for a short or long time. It is a kind of natural protection for men. If at this time reluctantly oneself goes into sexual life, it is to destroy oneself artificially should not expect to protect, this is harmful to the body of course. To improve the quality of each sexual encounter, couples can also use different sex toys.

Many infertile patients are often at a loss to grasp the frequency of sexual life, because some doctors allow them to have more sexual life, while some doctors limit it, how can it be more effective? The objective standard to measure whether the frequency of sexual life is appropriate is whether they are full of spirit and happy in body and mind the next morning. If in the second day or a few days after sexual intercourse, the mental state is not good and the body is tired, and no other reasons can be found out, it can be considered that sexual love is excessive, so it should be controlled and the interval of sexual life should be appropriately prolonged.

It is worth mentioning that men are more likely to indulge themselves and have sex too often. In some men’s eyes, the more sex they have, the more power and dignity they can show; maybe they don’t realize it clearly, but they just feel that they should try their best to meet their wife’s sexual demands. Therefore, when they have got pleasure from their sexual life, they will continue to strengthen their sexual consciousness and try to get an erection again in the shortest time, and support the exhausted body with the strength of will for sexual life, which undoubtedly has great harm to their physical and mental health.