Tips for traveling with sex toys

Security checks while traveling are the things we fear most. Travelers pack everything in their bags, from an extra T-shirt to that perfect beach novel. However, some of these items are more private. Although this behavior may embarrass passengers, they can only be highly alert to the media.

A woman named Renee was ordered not to board the plane because sex toys was found in her trunk. In a subsequent lawsuit, Renee accused Delta Air Lines of security personnel from taking the shaker out of the bag in public, without any evasion.

Although through X-rays we can often see the ‘toys’ contained in the bag during security checks, but this is still a problem overall. Staff rules are also awkward, and the boundaries of individual law enforcement are unclear. The staff are no different from you and me. They are ordinary people with passions. There are good people, assholes, and weirdoes. But most people still hope to reduce the work trouble as much as possible.

As long as no explosives appear to be filled, the operator will let them through. There are tricks to get your adult toys through smoothly. Put it in a sealed plastic bag, take out the battery, and put a label on the outside of the bag. If you carry a vibrator with you, the basic rules are the same … wrap the toy because you don’t want the staff to open it in public. The staff will also become more understandable when you have enough guts.