How many times a week is best for sex?

Sex frequency of 20-year-old women, For women aged 20 to 30, if their boyfriends are young, energetic and have a higher frequency of natural sexual life. Statistics show that 13% of women of this age have sex every day, one third have sex more than once a week, and more than half have sex once a week.

20 year old orgasm puzzle, Although young women have the conditions to have a relatively high frequency of sexual life, many of them are also under great pressure for the inability to reach orgasm. Many women can’t reach orgasm at this age. The reason is simple and easy to correct. That’s because they don’t know much about sex, and the couple (or one of them) don’t know enough about the function and position of female clitoris. Clitoris is the only organ responsible for producing sexual pleasure in a woman’s body. It is the key for a woman to reach orgasm to fully stimulate it

Sex frequency of 30-year-old women, Women from 30 to 40 years old usually have about two times of sex a week. As long as it does not affect their work and life the next day, it can be increased or decreased appropriately according to their own situation. You’re the one who has the most orgasms between 30 and 40. More than half of women in their 30s have orgasms. Some men can not meet the frequency of female sex, many women will choose to use sex toys or sex dolls.

30 year old women have orgasms, 30-year-old women, with a certain amount of sexual experience, master certain sexual skills, so it is easier to reach orgasm in sexual life. And women between 30 and 40 have a strong need for sex. Although at this time, their love and career challenges will reach the peak, and they usually have to face the pressure of pregnancy and lactation. However, it is surprising that women of this age enjoy sex and orgasm more often than women of other ages. According to the report, nearly 89% of the respondents said they could enjoy orgasm regularly. Another reason why a 30-year-old woman is prone to orgasm is that she has a relationship with her partner. After the age of 30, men’s sexual desire began to decline, which just eliminated the “orgasm difference” between men and women. Men slowed down in the sex, so that women get more happiness, so they are more prone to orgasm.

40 year old women’s frequency of sex, After the age of 40, women’s health began to decline, and their sexual desire began to decline. Generally, only less than one third of women would maintain a one-time life for a week. For older women, sexual life is not only a narrow sense of sex, but also a variety of ways, such as hugging, kissing, caressing, etc. such intimate relationship makes women happy physically and mentally, which is good for health.

40 year old women have multiple orgasms, As women grow older, the frequency of sex may decrease, but the older they are, the more they enjoy it. You may be surprised by the conclusion that women aged 40 to 50 enjoy more sex than other women. Because the women in this period are very familiar with their bodies and know the secrets of them, which opens the door for them to have sex.

In a word, it’s normal for women to have sex several times a week, with no specific number. As long as the frequency of sex makes them satisfied, it won’t affect their health, it’s normal. Quality is more important than the number of times.