How to handle the physical doll?

Physical doll how to carry, this is a lot of new doll have to meet the problem, because the physical doll is really heavy, generally have 30 kilograms.

Why are physical dolls so heavy?

The word holds wife 100 klbs to be able to hold easily, and a doll is less than 60 klbs, the feeling is heavier than 100 klbs living person however. This is because hold a wife, the wife can cooperate with you, force disperses to the whole body, and the solid doll is the article that won’t move, treasure rises force unevenly, cannot find balance feeling. But do not feel the brute force, for fear of accidentally breaking the doll.

In fact, baby friends don’t struggle with this problem, you just need to communicate with the doll more contact, how to carry her naturally solved (because practice makes perfect) at the same time it is a good opportunity to exercise the body, not only exercise the experience of sex casting a hard steel gun, but also exercise a strong body.

How to handle physical dolls (the correct way is as follows…)

1.Octopus hug:

Do you understand the snap? Namely octopus type embrace, the girl is hooking up the boy’s neck, the two legs hooking up the boy’s waist, you should be cuddle her buttocks, very romantic (recommend the most effort saving method) the doll face to face hold up, let the doll legs around your waist, both hands hook your head! You hold the baby’s ass in your hands…

2.Princess hug (recommended labor-saving method 2) :

I think this is the most effort, that is, the princess to hold, the doll will not take the initiative to hold your neck, so to put the doll’s hand on your neck, so good up easy.

3, sitting posture horizontal embrace, standing posture drag armpits

Summary: the above posture can be learned, there is always a suitable for you, bent knee joints, the princess picked up suitable for the bath to the bathroom to move. If she wants to change her clothes, she can put them on her lap. She can wear silk stockings or clothes.

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