How do men want women to cooperate in sex?

Sexual life is a matter between husband and wife. It requires mutual cooperation between the two parties. Women should take the initiative when having sex and not be too shy. However, some women are very shy and do not want to talk about their feelings and skills about sexual love too much with their husbands, which makes the two parties cannot be satisfied when having sex. So how do men want women to cooperate when they have sex?

1, I hope she has a sense of humor in sex

On this issue, men are divided into two groups, one thinks it is important, the other completely ignores it. The former thinks that humor can help to alleviate the embarrassing situation, and adding a little laugh can stimulate the spark of love. If it’s not a bad thing to look stupid in bed occasionally, we should laugh together instead of you or me. How to locate a man’s humorous ability? He can act in an ironic way, can get along with women happily, and has male charm. With this kind of people, sexual partners are always happy. And I hope she’s happy to use sex toys.

2, I hope she has an orgasm

When a man has sex, he most wants a woman to cooperate and have an orgasm. Some data show that if a man finds that he cannot bring too much pleasure to a woman, he will feel sad. Even if he can enjoy the feast of America and watch the wonderful football, he will not feel happy. As a woman, your passion and visible pleasure are the most essential things. But if a man doesn’t realize it, or won’t use it, you’ll still be depressed. I’m afraid I can’t wait for the evening to come. This will change the awkward situation and guide him to where you are going. Some men like sex dolls because she can be anything they like.

3, I hope she wears something sexy in bed

Who cares what she’s wearing? It’s always a secondary issue. A man said, he also said most men’s voice. But whether it’s sexy or not often affects the duration of orgasm. And duration is often a concern for men. If a man is asked: when you undress her, if she’s sexy, do you like it? Most people admit that they do. A man who doesn’t care much about this replied: it’s good for me anyway, as long as she doesn’t wear too much. There are many differences on this issue, but it can’t be denied that wearing is a factor that can’t be ignored. Some men will be excited when they look at underwear and stockings.