have you ever thought about having a robot that you can have sex with her

you’ve probably talked a lot of uses of AI in public since you started to pay attention to the field of artificial intelligence.the only thing you haven’t discussed is sex.

but this is difficult to talk about,clearly is the most intriguing place of artificial intelligence,if you have seen the movies [her],will be the male lead and scarlett’s voice once the plot of spring breeze deep impression.Falling in love with artificial intelligence is the ultimate cure for human loneliness, but the current technology is not up to that level. But sex with artificial intelligence may serve as a comfort agent, allowing us to escape the quagmire of loneliness for a while.

By 2050, you’ll be able to work with robots…

Then again, is it hard to connect ai to sex?

So Easy!

The most basic must be the intelligent hardware supported by AI algorithms. Vibration patterns, such as those found in sex toys, can be learned from data on the user’s daily behavior to give a more appropriate frequency for the user’s habits. It can also monitor the user’s pulse, body temperature and other physical signs through smart wearable products to adjust the product’s behavior pattern.

Applications that focus on smart hardware can have many extensions: peripheral models that follow the plot of pornography, customized models for long-distance couples, and so on. The core purpose is to feedback the results into the product performance through the learning of user habits and preferences, so as to give users a better experience.

These are just the primary products of artificial intelligence + sex. What we really expect are products closer to fantasy, such as… Sex robots.

In many science fiction works, sex robots are indispensable, indicating that all human needs can be satisfied by machines — whether physical or psychological.

One scientist has even written a book called sex with robots: a history of the evolution of our relationship with robots, which suggests that by 2050 humans could be dreaming of spending the night with robots.

Those of you who are reading this now should be in good time.

But first, you have to have money

According to the records, scientists have been working on sex robots with artificial intelligence since 2007. But the first product to hit the market was Roxxxy, a female robot called True Companion, launched in 2010.

Roxxxy is said to act as an inflatable doll, as well as sending emails, updating apps online and talking to people. And Roxxxy’s body parts have sensors that respond to touch.

In this way, Roxxxy is a combination of an inflatable doll and a smart speaker. Judging from the performance of Siri and Echo today, Roxxxy’s intelligence must have been limited. Talking to such inflatable dolls will only add to the loneliness of users. At the same time, there were also rumors that SONY had introduced its own male sex robot, the keka, and that someone had even shot himself after using an ax to destroy his sex robot. With no clear source of information, we can only think of them as urban legends.

Sex robot of the second stage of development in recently, the famous American sex doll maker RealDoll launched a App called Harmony AI (the Harmony is really don’t have a meaning here), Harmony can be understood as a kind of sex robot personality system, can be set for robot personality and identity background, such as the user can choose their partners grew up in a good family education should be gentle good wife, or a career in special hot female sorrow. In addition to personality, Harmony learns from its users’ interaction habits and automatically adjusts its personality and product response accordingly.

Working with the Harmony system, RealDoll’s products are exquisitely crafted: fully hinged bone construction, built-in heating, and detailed eyelashes and nails make them almost life-like.

In the case of this sexy redhead, she has a Scottish accent, loves science fiction and has 18 personalities. Taken together, it is a goddess hard to find in the real world.

Of course, the price of RealDoll is also very beautiful, the price of each robot in the RMB 60,000 ~ 80,000. There is still no AI version, and Harmony AI will cost 20% more than it already does when it hits the market.

AI sex startup? Please defeat the four demons first

We can summarize the sex robot industry today: it is often dominated by laboratories and sex toy giants, with high prices and low product coverage.

This is not a reasonable situation to look at, sexual sex is also, sex robot as a product to meet a physiological needs of people, the market should be as wide as food delivery, online ride-hailing products. Second can be seen from the above case, sex robot of artificial intelligence and other interest product technology requirement is not high, the basic speech recognition study + depth user data can realize, basic does not exist technology could be monopoly situation, should not be monopolized by a few companies like now, the cost is high.

But what the rest of us don’t know is that the popularity of sex robots is much more than just technology.

First, ethical issues. Let’s face it, not everyone is comfortable with humans and robots having sex.

Should having sex with a robot in a marriage count as cheating? Or will robot partners become so popular that humans lose interest in relationships and even reproduction? And whether the intimate relationship between humans and robots will affect their psychological state. If the news mentioned in the previous article that the man “killed” the robot and then shot himself is true, the robot manufacturer may be subject to a lot of public criticism. And remember softbank’s robot Pepper? One of the Pepper sales conditions reportedly included a clause that “prohibits users from having sex with robots.”

Second, patents. Like the mobile phone industry, sex-related technology has its fair share of patent trolls. One company, TZU, for example, has patented a stimulus device that receives control signals from the user interface and has been castigating start-ups. Real Touch, a company trying to come up with cheap sex robots, stopped operating because it could not afford to pay royalties.

Third, money. Like many start-ups, research into sex robots and related products requires start-up capital. But awkwardly, many managers avoid the word “sex”. Even crowdfunding site kickstart has banned the product because of its “pornographic content”.

Fourth, privacy. It is important to know that the various intelligent performances of sex robots are based on the collection of user history data. Vendors will certainly promise that they won’t give away users’ privacy, but users will feel some resistance. In addition to the product itself, when enabled mobile phones will capture the user related App, how long is enabled, sex robot producers cannot replace phone makers promise related to cell phone manufacturers don’t even want to trip to the beach, maybe out of product research and development, a lot of App store is going to allow the App stores!

So the sex robot dream is still a few more years away. But let’s acknowledge the value of sex robots: they are legal, safe, and hygienic for humans who, for one reason or another, cannot interact with real people. And there are reasons to believe that the popularity of such products may reduce the crime rate in some areas.

Thankfully, perhaps we can place our hopes on the well-paid porn giants (like Pornhub) to help make that happen by 2050.