High simulation entity silicone doll birth

They are even more beautiful than real people, with long legs, thin waist, big breasts, narrow shoulders, small face, sexy and glamorous, but also pure cure is the look of many male dream lovers. As long as there is a need, the image of a lover and a wife may be able to live in the body of a silicone doll.

In the silicone doll user group, in addition to singles, there are 30%-40% of girlfriends and families. So silicone dolls, is it a sex toy, or a humanoid partner? Can it replace the real person emotionally? Does its existence have any influence on intimacy in reality?

Inside the Sex Doll Factory

As soon as I entered the office area, a 3D printer on the left was printing a female face.

Every room, office, and finance room that has passed through has a silicone doll sitting or standing in the real person.

Then it entered the assembly line production area, the production area was exceptionally clean, and the workers worked in a well-organized manner on the assembly line.

Create a humanoid skeleton, each skeleton consisting of more than 100 parts.

Make the body of the doll, fill it with a sponge outside the skeleton, and then apply a protective layer

This step is equivalent to shaping the figure of the doll. Each order is customized according to the user. The factory once conducted a user survey. The ideal doll for the user is 154-162cm in height and 35-36 in the foot. Chest B, C cups, not big, but A certainly can’t.

Make skin and cast silicone on the outermost layer of the doll.

This area hangs all bare human bodies on hangers. Each sex doll has a long leg, a thin waist, a large chest, a narrow shoulder, and a small face, just like the perfect human body between the second and third dimensions. Recently, even the blood vessels on the skin are clearly visible.

With the initial shape, give the sex doll a bath, then polish, wipe, apply makeup, make nails, and make hair – every step is very careful as if taking care of a girl who is not wearing clothes.

After this step is completed, a silicone doll is completely completed. Finally, split the body part of the silicone doll into the box and wait for delivery.