Four powerful enemies threatening men’s normal sexual function

Do you know that some of your daily life habits may be the culprit of your sexual dysfunction? It can affect your sexual life. Let’s see what habits do harm to your body that we don’t know yet!

No.1  soft sofa

Medical research has found that if you sit on a soft sofa for a long time, it will cause serious damage to the male scrotal belt. Because the normal sitting posture is to use the pelvis as the fulcrum, and the scrotum is “stable” between the two legs, but when you sit on the soft sofa, the fulcrum will sink, so the legs will not consciously clamp, so that the scrotum is compressed, blocking the blood flow. In this way, toxic substances released by testicles will accumulate in the body, which will have a great impact on testicular health. In addition, the supply of nutrients is also interrupted, and the function of testis secreting testosterone is weakened. How can spermatozoa “effectively produce”? Therefore, remember that soft sofa should not be sedentary. Using sex toys and sex dolls occasionally can improve your sexual performance

No.2  Fitness Bike

When a man goes to the gym, healthy cycling is the first choice for many people, but don’t think that the longer you step on it, the healthier your body will be, because too long time will cause problems such as abrasion, stones, and even swelling of the seminal vesicles, which will affect your sexual function. The main reason is that the problem is on the bicycle stool. Because the car stool is not only hard, but also protruding in front, when men trample on it, they will often touch the scrotum, and long-term collision will not only damage the nerves and soften the scrotum, but also expand the seminal vesicle and testicular network. The most serious reason is that the blood circulation is affected, the penile blood supply is insufficient, and the erectile function will be affected.

No.3  Heavy metal

It is believed that we are not new to this killer of sexual function, because heavy metals not only have an impact on sexual function, but also have serious harm to health, especially lead, mercury and cadmium have the greatest impact on sexual function. When the body ingests excessive lead, it will penetrate into semen or eggs and store them, which will affect the secretion of reproductive hormones, resulting in the reduction of sperm number, deformity, and the reduction of pregnancy. Mercury can cause problems such as decreased libido and inactivity, which, if serious, can make men infertile. Cadmium can affect sex hormone to secrete, cause damage to liver and kidney, how can have sexual interest again?

No. 4  Cigarettes

“Smoking is harmful to health” also has negative effects on sexual desire. The reason for the decrease of sexual desire caused by smoking lies in the fact that the harmful substances contained in cigarettes can harden the blood vessels, hinder the blood circulation, and may not lift. Even if good luck is not such a phenomenon, medical research also points out that smoking also has an impact on the penis, which will make it not straight and crooked, affecting the normal running room. For women, smoking has an impact on menstrual stability, so it’s better to smoke less.