Thinking triggered by sex robots

The fear of robots replacing humans is reasonable, especially when you consider getting humanoid robots to work in the service industry. If we have beautiful robots for dinner, greetings at the front desk, etc., how many people will lose their jobs? When it comes to things like our electricity bills and credit cards, most of us are already frustrated and unable to get people into trouble. What happens when we remove person-to-person interactions from typical face-to-face communication (such as dining and seeing a doctor)? Robotics and 3D printing coexist with each other, and with the development of artificial intelligence, 3D printed materials have become more advanced, which has allowed us to create medical models that look and feel like real skin and organs, some of which even bleed. Creating a full-body robot that looks and feels incredible is not an easy task.

“Sex with a robot is just fake. It can lead to psychotic illness and isolation.”Sex with robots does not make human life bring us real communication.”You can eat fake food to stay hungry. But over time, it still ends badly.”Experts warn that sex addiction to robotic sex dolls can become a serious problem.”It’s just another way to express sexual activity or addiction,” he explained.

“Sexual addiction is a way to numb an unbearable sensory state … including but not limited to loneliness, shame, boredom and stress.For those who are still seeking physical satisfaction, sex robots are becoming more advanced and more affordable. These lifeless pleasure objects have become more realistic with functions such as speaking, hearing, and touch-based hearing and auditory responses.

Why is there a problem? It depends on how you look at it, but in addition to the potential to take jobs out of the service industry, the idea of ​​realistic sex robots is also disturbing. One might argue that it has been true that people have been using artificial means for sexual pleasure for many years, but there is no intimacy in typical sex toys. Robots that feel like humans can respond and whisper, almost replacing human sexual intimacy-at least that’s the idea. Some would say that if this companionship is pleasing and harmless – but we have many reasons to be careful about the boundaries between humans and robots, not just because robots may become smarter, so that we ultimately destroy all of us Stephen Hawking famously said. How much human-computer interaction can we replace with a machine before we start to lose some of our humanity?