Five measures for men to refuse sexual aging

Men always worry about their sexual function. which is called sexual aging. Sexual aging is a big problem that plagues many men in recent years. Men of the same age sometimes have very different sexual abilities. Some people stop having sex completely when they are 40 or 50, but some people still have strong sexual desire when they are over 60. What’s the reason and how to prolong orgasm?

Five ways to prolong a man’s orgasm

1. Regular exercise: exercise has a positive effect on sex. People who insist on regular exercise are quick in response, slow in organ aging and stronger in disease resistance. A stronger constitution will slow down the decline of sexual function.

2. Pay attention to appearance: being old doesn’t mean being conservative. 40 can still maintain the same mentality of young people. Pay attention to appearance, maintain the love for women, can stimulate the gonad secretion in the body, maintain and maintain sexual function.

3. Less drinking: studies have proved that alcohol can slow down the production of testosterone, chronic alcoholism may also lead to nutritional deficiency, gonadal hormone disorder, clinical manifestations such as sexual desire decline. And the toxin in smoke can also inhibit sexual function and induce erectile dysfunction.

4. Cautious tonic: in order to reduce sexual function degradation, men can be properly tonic under the guidance of doctors, but appropriate medicine should be given to the right situation. Some tonics are aphrodisiac, while most of the middle-aged and old men are of Yin-Yang deficiency constitution. If they only strengthen Yang, they will cause imbalance between yin and Yang, which is not conducive to maintaining sexual function.

5. Insist on sex: sex and love are with life. If there is no sexual partner can choose a suitable sex doll to delay sexual aging, first of all, we need to break the traditional concept, understand that aging does not mean the loss of sexual desire and the end of sexual life. A study in the United States found that men can still maintain their sexual ability by the age of 80; 90.4% of men over the age of 60 have sexual desire and 54.7% have strong sexual requirements. A proper and harmonious sex life is conducive to strengthening the immune function of the nervous system, eliminating loneliness, making people optimistic, stable marriage and harmonious relationship between husband and wife.

In addition, the daily factors affecting sexual function are as follows: drugs: anti-tumor drugs, anti hypertension drugs, hypoglycemic drugs, anti acid drugs, sedative drugs and traditional Chinese medicine, etc., can reduce sexual function; while ginseng, astragalus, pilose antler and other drugs can increase sexual function; sleep: whether the sleep time is sufficient or not, the quality of sleep, will affect the male in varying degrees Hormone secretion, thus affecting sexual function; bad habits: excessive smoking, drinking, irregular work and rest time, etc., can also affect sexual function. Emotion: excessive anger and depression can significantly reduce sexual function; fatigue: excessive fatigue and mental fatigue can also affect sexual function.