Five common knowledge of Andrology for women

There are many differences between men and women in physiology and psychology, Even after having sexual life it is difficult to understand each other, which leads to some misunderstandings. In order to make the love life between couples more harmonious, in fact, both men and women have to understand the physiological common sense of the other side.

Will men bleed for the first sex?

As we all know, girls have hymen. Although hymen is easy to rupture due to other reasons, and not every woman will bleed in her first sex, there is still a high probability of bleeding in her first sexual life. What about men? Men naturally don’t have the so-called corresponding virgin membrane, because their reproductive organ structure is obviously different from that of women, and they don’t need similar membrane for protection. But because of the tension or the damage of the foreskin in the male’s first time life, there is still the possibility of bleeding.

Does male penis bend normally?

Many women who have not had sex will think that the male penis should be straight after erection. In fact, about 70% of the male erections will show different angles and degrees of curvature of the penis, which is actually normal, does not mean that the male is not healthy, nor will it affect the quality of sexual life.

Why do men have morning glory?

Male erections sometimes have to do with sexual stimulation, sometimes they may not have to do with sex. According to the data, men will have multiple erections even in the middle of the night when they are sleeping. As for the morning, it is a normal physiological phenomenon unrelated to consciousness. The male’s morning budding is closely related to the change of androgen level and the reflex function of related organs in the male body. If the male doesn’t have the morning budding for several consecutive days, it needs to be doubted whether there is sexual dysfunction.

Can male penis fracture?

You don’t need to think about this question if you using sex toys and sex dolls. Although there is no bone in the penis, “fracture” can also occur. If the male penis is bent violently after erectile hyperemia, the white membrane outside the sponge will be damaged, which can cause severe pain to the male, accompanied by swelling and congestion of the penis. Therefore, attention should be paid to strength and angle when having sex, so as to avoid the “indescribable” harm to men.

Why ejaculation in vitro is not reliable?

If you don’t want to get pregnant, the most common way is to use condoms, but some men will be greedy for pleasure and unwilling to use condoms. At this time, ejaculation in vitro is a very unreliable contraceptive method. Because men don’t secrete sperm when ejaculating, they often unconsciously secrete prostatic fluid at the beginning of sexual life, which will contain sperm and may still make women pregnant.

In addition, if men are used to ejaculation in vitro, it can lead to excessive stress in sexual life, which can lead to sexual dysfunction over time.